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Husqvarna 2011 Enduro News From Turkey

By: | Published 16 June 2011, 12:09 | Views: 1,035 | tags: husqvarna, spain, portugal, mx2, enduro, juha salminen, matti seistola, antoine meo, 2011, turkey
Juha Salminen and Matti Seistola claim a win apiece to continue their supremacy in E1 while E2 championship leader Antoine Meo also secures podium-topping result.

Husqvarna CH Racing Monster Energy team riders Juha Salminen, Matti Seistola and Antoine Meo continue their impressive results in the 2011 Enduro World Championship with all three riders enjoying victory during the fourth round of the series – the GP of Turkey held in Fethiye. Continuing the impressive form that saw all three riders stand on top of the podium at the team's home round of the series just four weeks ago, in Turkey it was business as usual for respective Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 class leaders Juha Salminen and Antoine Meo, with both riders standing firm at the top of their championships.

For Husqvarna's Enduro 3 class riders Seb Guillaume and Alex Salvini the Turkish event ended with Frenchman Guillaume having not quite been able to match the pace of the class front runners while Salvini came close to claiming his first ever EWC podium on day two. Placing in fifth on day one was the highlight of the event for Seb, who dropped to seventh in class on day two. Finishing down in eighth position on day one wasn't a result that reflected Salvini's.

Starting day two by recording the fastest time on the opening motocross test Salvini remained in contention with the E3 class front runners on his TE511, performing well on all tests throughout the day. Sitting in second position as he started the last lap, four crashes on the final enduro test cost him precious time, dropping him to fourth.


There were some precious points earned for Husqvarna riders at the 6th MX2 GP in Portugal that was held at the beautiful track of Agueda. Michael Leib came back from the States after two months spent recuperating from the big concussion he suffered at the international MX race of Faenza.

Leib performed pretty well in practice but a lack of race fitness meant that he would always struggle to compete in a 35-minutes moto. In heat 1 Leib finished in 18th, while he wasn't able to finish the second heat due to an electrical problem. There were better results for Lupino, who finished 12th and 15th, bringing some important points for the overall standings of the MX2 championship, where he is currently 14th overall. There's no respite either, as next weekend, the GP of Spain will take place, which is already the seventh GP of the season.

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