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Unusual Entrant In Fast Group At Focused Events Trackday!

By: | Published 26 March 2011, 12:17 | Views: 2,033 | tags: snetterton, apache, helicopters, gunships, trackdays, focussed events, army, pilots
Trackday regulars were surprised to see a Apache attack helicopter matching their cornering ability at a Focused Events day at Snetterton, Norfolk this week!

Two speed loving Focused customers and serving British Army pilots asked if they could bring their 200mph beast along so they could give fellow trackdayers a display in the lunch break. After showing the riders a few acrobatics, the pilots landed to let riders have a closer look at the heavily armed machine.

The Apache has an overall length of 17 metres with a 14 metre rotor span with Hellfire missiles and impressive levels of combat agility. Focused Events has a strong military customer base and has regularly put on displays for Help for Heroes, working with both the Red Devils and now the British Army.

For more information on Focused Events activities please call 0845 0267272 or and for full event and circuit details see  

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