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2011 Nolan Range Expands

By: | Published 22 March 2011, 09:52 | Views: 2,494 | tags: visors, helmets, united kingdom, nolan, crossover, openface, offroad, mx, lids, phoenix, distribution, n71, n63, n33
Italian brand Nolan began production of motorcycle helmets in 1972 and to this day two of the biggest assets of the brand are its unique technical and production skills, and its constant drive for innovation. The Nolan range in the UK, distributed via Phoenix, is truly comprehensive with a helmet to suit every type of motorcyclist.

New to the UK Nolan range in 2011 are the following:


The N-71 is a brand new design from Nolan and is a crossover helmet; designed as a full-face, it becomes a very practical open-face thanks to a removable chin guard that complies with current homologation tests for full-face helmets. In the full-face configuration, the visor works seamlessly with the chin guard, ensuring a wide field of view. The smoked Vision Protection System (VPS) is an internal sunscreen that features S/R (Scratch Resistant) and F/R (Fog Resistant) treatment. The N71 is fitted with a removable and washable interior and is complete with a Microlock retention system and the silicone-sealed, Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR). It is also ready for the N-Com® communication system.

Sizes XXS – XXL, colours/designs Classic N-Com: Platinum Silver (1), Metal White (2), Glossy Black (3), RRP: £199.99.


The N63 is a totally new full-face helmet from Nolan, designed for young people on the go and city use. It is characterized by a sophisticated and attractive design and also represents excellent value for money. The careful selection of graphics and well-styled look, the chromatic colour match of components and finishes all combine with a light weight (approximately 1400 g) to make an exceptionally stylish and functional helmet. The ventilation system, made up of an air intake located on the chin guard, a direct air intake on the front part and one on the upper part of the shell, is made more effective by the two rear extractors which facilitate the discharge of the hot and stale air. The N63 is fitted with a fully removable and washable interior, Microlock retention system and comes ready set-up for the Nolan Fog Resistant system (NFR).

Sizes XXS – XXL, colours/designs Link Metal Black (26), Oriental Metal White (14) Wing Metal White (18), Pearl Pink (20) Scratch Metal White (27), Metal Black (28), Galaxy Liquid White/ Red, (30) Liquid White/Pink (31), Liquid White/Silver (32), RRP £149.99. Genesis Salt Silver (5), Metal Black (6), RRP: £124.99.


Fresh for 2011 the N33 is designed for the most demanding of riders, who are looking for a product with high technological content. Built with superb attention to detail, the new demi-jet has a compact size; it is suitable for city riding, but also suitable for out-of-town touring. The N33 is a versatile product, due to the various possible combinations for visor and VPS. The top ventilation system consists of one frontal air intake and two direct air intakes; the two slide-over-side extractors allow warm and stale air to flow out, ensuring constant movement of air. The ventilation system has also a rear hot air extractor that covers the entire length of the helmet. The ‘extra long’ visor is convex and provides excellent protection. The extremely practical VPS (Vision Protection System) sunscreen is positioned between the shell and the visor itself – it also features S/R (Scratch Resistant) treatment. The N33 is fitted with a removable and washable interior.

Sizes XS – XL, colours/designs Classic Metal White (2), Pearl Pink (6), Pearl Ivory (7), RRP: £139.99.

New paint options available in 2011:


The N85 is one of the most popular full-face street helmets from Nolan; with its bold, sporty design it is equipped with an integrated sunscreen (VPS) inside the shell.?The quick-change/ tool-free visor mechanism operates only with the visor in the open position avoiding accidental opening whilst riding. The N85 is fitted with a removable and washable interior and is also ready for the N-Com communication system.

Sizes XXS – XXL, new colours/designs Frizzy N-Com Metal Black (32), Pearl Pink (33), RRP: £199.99.


The stunning and high quality N52 has been a turning point for Nolan in the off-road sector; it has strong racing design cues and is aimed at a wide number of enthusiasts, thanks to its excellent price. The N52 features an anti-dazzle screen/face guard, removable and washable interior (with antibacterial treatment), a Roost Deflector peak and padded D-Ring chinstrap system.

Sizes XS – XXL new colours/designs Aladdin Metal White (41), Metal Black (43), RRP: £149.99.

For more information on the N-71, N-63, N-33, N-85, N-52 or the rest of the Nolan range call Phoenix on 01782 569800 or visit

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