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OMC - London's First Self-Service M/C Workshop Coming Soon!

By: | Published 08 February 2011, 20:51 | Views: 3,414 | tags: motorcycle, workshop, servicing, repairs, self-service, diy, do-it-yourself, omc, oval, centre, london
London’s first motorcycle self-service and repair workshop will open on 14 March. The Oval Motorcycle Centre will offer all motorcyclists, regardless of machine size, type or mechanical experience, a fully equipped workshop to undertake their own mechanical tasks, from a basic repair to a full service or restoration project, with free guidance from an experienced technician on request.

Twelve individual workstations will be available to hire, each with its own comprehensive tool cabinet and a hydraulic bench to lift the motorcycle to a comfortable ergonomic working height.  Paddock stands and specialist tools will also be available.  Experienced technicians will be on hand, at no extra cost, to offer advice or guidance if required.
The Oval Motorcycle Centre is the brainchild of longtime motorcyclist Simon Fraulo
‘There are many experienced bikers who lack a garage, workshop facilities or tools to perform their own maintenance’, says Simon.  ‘Equally there are many novice bikers who lack the experience or confidence to tackle even basic tasks but who really want to learn.  

‘My aim is for the OMC to provide an ideal environment to work on your machine and, for those with less experience, a chance to learn how motorcycles work, alongside like-minded people with the same enthusiasm.’

The OMC will stock a range of spares and consumables ranging from brake hoses, oil/air filters and brake pads to a comprehensive selection of nuts, bolts and fasteners, plus a selection of engine oils and lubricants. Services offered include the disposal of old parts for recycling (engine oil, brake and clutch fluids can be recycled for a small cost); and taking delivery of parts ordered by customers, for safe storage until maintenance is complete.

Overalls and steel toe-capped boots can be hired; eye protection and  latex gloves will be supplied free, along with complimentary tea and coffee-making facilities and a microwave.

The Oval Motorcycle Centre is situated off Wandsworth Road, one mile from Vauxhall tube and rail station (5 minutes on the bus) and 200 yards from Wandsworth Road rail station.  There are good local cafes nearby and a motorcycle museum across the road.

There is a web holding page where potential customers can register their email address for updates on our launch and the services we are providing


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MacP | 08 February 2011, 21:34
Great to see this is nearly up and running! Looking forward to seeing this place open

NinjaJunkie | 08 February 2011, 22:29
Really nice idea.

wildwoodflower | 09 February 2011, 12:34
I recall discussions about this a couple of years ago. Glad to see you're making a go of it and I look forward to visiting.

Jay | 09 February 2011, 12:46
Fantastic news Simon! Great to see an opening date set!
This is a really innovative and refreshing idea. I don't know of many people with their own garage and extensive tool collection, and nearly all of us like to tinker and do things ourselves, so it sounds like a marriage made in heaven.

Jaime | 11 February 2011, 17:35
I remember talking at BMM about this!! Awesome news! I'll be getting the valve clearences done soon too :)
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