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Livia Lancelot Joins The Sidi Sport Stables

By: | Published 17 January 2011, 21:28 | Views: 2,307 | tags: sidi, america, livia lancelot, world, motocross, boots, sponsorship, products, 2011
Women's motocross champion Livia Lancelot has officially become apart of the extended Sidi Sportfamily. Sidi 's stable of championsfor the 2011 season is made up of great men and great women, all athletes of thehighest calibre who are extraordinary people in and out of the race. Now theirranks are enhanced with another important personality.

Sidi Crossfire boots will be with the women's motocross champion for the next two seasons.These boots are world champions in the world of cross, boots that have alreadyproven to be number one off road, having won numerous World titles with thegreatest champions in this field, athletes like Tony Cairoli and cross legend Stefan Everts .

Even though she has the body of a model, the face of an angel andsweet eyes, “ Livy ” has already shown she has guts, determination and bravery to spare.Livia and her "pink" colleagues in the World Championships are living proof thatin the motor world girls are no longer confined to sitting and cheering on thesidelines. In fact, in spite oftheir beauty, these girls have taken on an important role as stars on the track.Like a modern day Joan of Arc, once she's put on her armour and straddled hersteel horse, Livia is not afraid to get down and dirty with the best of them,through the dust and mud of motocross circuits throughout the world, putting allher rivals in line.

The Frenchwoman from St. Denis was born in 1988 and started ridingmotorcycles at the tender age of four. When she was 14 she made her debut in the125cc and at 16 she participated in the French Motocross Junior Championship, where she was the first girl toqualify for the championship races by proving her mettle with her malecounterparts as well.

In 2008 Livia captured the cross world title to become the first Women's Motocross World Champion. It'sa title she surely would have recaptured in 2009, if she hadn't suffered asetback caused by an injury. Livia returned to competition in 2010 and was backon top from the get go, winning second place in the final World Cuprankings. Now she's looking forwardto the race for the 2011 title that's about to get underway. Livia Lancelot 'sambitions go beyond the World Championships, to the spectacular X-Games that will take place in America ,as well as the French Championshipson her home turf. This year the queen of cross can count on one more pair ofallies, her Sidi Crossfire boots ,the boots that are unbeatable on any terrain.

Attached are photos of Livia Lancelot's recent visit to the SidiSport general headquarters in Maser (TV): Livy in a model's pose with thet-shirt soon to be featured in an ad campaign; posing with her Sidi Crossfire boots and the official2011 jumpsuit; and together with Daniele Signori.

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