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Hermunen Wins The Last Supermoto GP In Spain

By: | Published 01 December 2010, 22:53 | Views: 1,738 | tags: spain, supermoto, enduro, husqvarna
A double-win for Husqvarna in the Supermoto world championship: Mauno Hermunen has won the last race of the 2010 supermoto world championship that has been held in Salou, Spain. The Finnish rider of the CH Racing team Husqvarna has won the first two runs and he has obtained the third place in the last grand prix, ahead of his teammate Adrien Chareyre. With this victory (the second consecutive) Hermunen has assured himself the third place of the overall ranking of the supermoto world championship in back of Thomas Chareyre and Davide Gozzini. The race has been monopolized by the Husqvarna riders even thanks to the great performance of Adrien Chareyre, winner of the last run of season and thanks to the victory in the European championship of the Slovenian rider of the team Zupin Husqvarna, Uros Nastran.

NASTRAN: EUROPEAN SUPERMOTO OPEN CHAMPION With the Husqvarna SM450RR Uros Nastran of the Team Zupin has won the European supermoto championship The Slovenian rider won the championship with a wide margin towards his direct pursuer Fabrizio Bartolini, also riding a Husqvarna bike.


Andreas Lettenbichler has got in the third place of the estreme race par excellence: the Roof of Africa has been held in South Africa from Thursday until last Saturday. The German rider, expert of the enduro estreme races has always been between the first riders during the race therefore being able to catch up much ground during the second racing day. For the first time with the Husqvarna WR300, Andreas has then run up against a mistake regarding the race-course that has made him lose 30 minutes towards the riders ahead. The race has been won by Chris Birch, follone by Jade Gutzeit. Even the European Cross Country champion, Simo Kirssi, has taken part at the Roof of Africa with the Husqvarna WR300, ending the race in the 12 th place.


The enduro indoor world championship 2011 that has started off Saturday evening at the Palasport of Genoa hasn’t started well for Husqvarna. Antoine Meo, very fast in the qualifying run, has run up against a fall during his run, getting a bang on his knee. The French rider has decided not to race the run to recovery. In this way Matti Seistola has had to uphold the colours of the CH-Racing Team Husqvarna. Matti has qualified easily for the final phase of the race and in the first run he has obtained an excellent fourth place. In the following races Seistola has run up against several falls and mistakes that have made him end in the tenth place of the overall ranking after this first race.
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mightlife | 02 December 2010, 12:08
...but Thomas Chareyre takes the championship.

I was there to see it!
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