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Traffic Manifesto Launched To Reduce Uk Road Congestion

By: | Published 01 October 2010, 11:23 | Views: 2,022 | tags: tomtom, united kingdom, europe, france, germany, italy, belgium, spain, sweden, norway, portugal, london, berlin, paris, tom tom, satelite navigation, hd, live, traffic, manifesto
TomTom publishes its Traffic Manifesto today (Thursday September 30) in a bid to reduce traffic congestion by making better use of the existing road network. The aim is to build a community of drivers who, by driving as a 'collective', will cut journey times by up to 5% across the UK for all vehicles.

New data analysed by the TomTom HD Traffic Centre* reveals the top 25 most congested roads in Britain. Topping the list is Bedford Road in Clapham, London SW4 -  bottlenecked for an average of 92 hours every week.

Second worst is Kingsway Tunnel Approach in the Wirral (90 hours) - followed by the B5159 in Warburton, the Eastern Bypass Road in Oxford and the A30 in Basingstoke (all 86 hours).

In addition, the morning rush "hour" is starting ever earlier, now lasting between 2.5 and 3 hours with traffic significant from 5.30am onwards on major roads.

"For many drivers, traffic congestion has become inevitable", says Harold Goddijn, TomTom's CEO. "We think it's time to challenge conventional thinking with a working solution to reduce traffic congestion right now on a very large scale."

The central theme of the Traffic Manifesto is that a minority of drivers using an accurate traffic navigation system to detour around jams can benefit the majority of drivers not using such data.

This means the road system is loaded more effectively, with informed users not contributing to the congestion because they take a detour.

Individual drivers using TomTom's HD Traffic service, for example, can typically reduce their average journey time by up to 15%. The collective effect of 10% of drivers using such a service would reduce average journey times for everyone else by up to 5%, according to the company's estimates. This in turn would help reduce the £8bn lost by the UK national economy each year through traffic congestion.

The four key objectives of the TomTom Manifesto are:

- to encourage every driver to play a role in reducing traffic congestion by better journey planning

- to increase the availability of HD Traffic in the UK and across Europe

- to lead the continuous improvement of traffic and route guidance technology

- to bring together key traffic stakeholders to share ideas and drive actions forward.

Plans include holding an annual traffic summit and conducting the world's largest consumer driving experiment. TomTom will also make its huge archive of measured road speed data available to local governments for more effective road traffic planning and management, such as better identification of bottlenecks and badly-controlled traffic lights.

TomTom has invested years in developing the very best traffic navigation system. Drivers are connected online - via a portable navigation device, smartphone or in-dash solution - so when a faster route becomes available, they are first to know.

The HD Traffic navigation system combines the world's most accurate traffic information with dynamic route guidance technology. HD Traffic information is the most accurate in the world, covering more miles on both secondary and main roads. It reports traffic jams with higher accuracy and also refreshes more frequently than any other service. Drivers can also use TomTom's HD Traffic information online, free of charge, to plan their journey around a time when their route is less busy and in doing so will further reduce

"We know that traffic congestion is not going to disappear completely, but we can do something significant to reduce it today,"
adds Harold Goddijn. "We're embarking on this mission because we love driving and hate traffic. We know that millions of drivers around the world feel the same way. We believe that TomTom has a role to play in helping to reduce traffic congestion in countries across the world, working in partnership with governments, institutions, businesses and individuals."

For more information visit:

*Top 25 UK congested road information available from HD Traffic, available upon request

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