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Shock Tactics from R&G Racing

By: Andrew Harbron | Published 14 September 2010, 15:33 | Views: 2,188 | tags: r&g, racing, protection, products, uk, shock, tube, shocktube, suspension, rear, cover, slip, on, 2010
R&G Racing, the world leader in motorcycle crash protection, is now offering defence for motorcycle shock absorbers.
Part of R&G’s continued pledge to offer protection products across all areas of a bike, the Shocktube is an impact resistant, waterproof, vented tube made from 100% bonded Neoprene, double lined with stretch nylon on both sides.

Aimed at riders of all disciplines – road, track and off-road - the R&G Shocktube works by completely enclosing the rear shock absorber and spring to prevent damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt that can have a detrimental effect on the performance and looks of the unit over time.

Although road bikes ridden in all conditions seem the obvious choice for the R&G Shocktube, expensive aftermarket shocks on race and track bikes can also be damaged by circuit debris. To cope with this extreme environment and to expel moisture, the Shocktube features six 5mm rustproof eyelets inserted into the neoprene skin at the top, middle and bottom to dissipate heat from the shock.

Quick and simple to fit thanks to heavy-duty Velcro and supplied zip ties, the Shocktube is available for most mono and twin shock machines along with front suspension on BMW GS machines.

R&G Racing’s sales director, Simon Hughes, commented:
‘No pun intended, but the rear shock is a pivotal part in the performance of a bike and one that should be taken great care of, especially when looking at the cost of replacing one with standard or aftermarket units. R&G huggers work very well at deflecting debris from the underside of a bike, but the Shocktube adds another dimension by encapsulating the suspension unit completely without affecting its performance.’

Priced at £24.99 for single shocks and £44.99 for twin shock, the R&G Racing Shocktube is available now to fit most bikes.

 For more information on R&G Racing products visit


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RobC | 31 July 2011, 20:13
Due to the location of the rear shock on the Ducati Diavel, this has been the first add-on I've fitted. In fact, it was fitted the day I picked it up. Should you need to get to the shock then all you need is replace the tie wraps.
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