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Bonver Group Renews Title Sponsorship Of Czech Gp

By: | Published 27 July 2010, 22:37 | Views: 745 | tags: france, spain, portugal, brno, mx1, mx2, fim motocross world championship, anthony boissiere, martin michek, supermoto, fim supermoto world championship
Having been the Title Sponsor of the 2009 Czech Grand Prix, the company Bonver Group of Czech Republic, providing electromechanical roulettes, VLTs and having its own gambling houses, bars and restaurants under the name Club Bonver, will be again the Title Sponsor of the Bonver Grand Prix of the Czech Republic set to happen in Loket on the August 8 weekend.
Sponsoring the TM Racing Factory Team –owned and managed directly by the Italian manufacturer- with its riders Anthony Boissiere of France (MX1), Aigar Leok of Estonia (MX1) and Martin Michek of Czech Republic (MX2), Bonver Group is now extending its commercial opportunities and general worldwide exposure through this partnership with Youthstream.

With Boissiere having brought the company under the spotlight through his couple of fourth place finishes in Spain and France, now Bonver Group will benefit of a dedicated commercial package which is tailored to its needs of expanding the brand exposure outside the Czech Republic.Bonver Group is already a major player in the country’s economy, with its position to be reinforced by being the Title sponsor of the major off-road event happening in the country, the Bonver Grand Prix of the Czech Republic.Furthermore, the international exposure of the Grand Prix series, which Bonver Group will directly receive at Loket through trackside bannering and advertising, will open a set of international commercial opportunities to be exploited in the near future.

Currently Bonver Group owns several Casino’s in the whole country, including cities such as Prague, Ostrava, Brno and even Loket.

Bonver Group, which was founded in 1992, is run and owned by Mr. Pavel Kulajta and Mr. Dalibor Poboril; its activities cover also the real estates business as the Bonver Group owns a brewery producing beer under the company‘s trade mark.

The Czech Grand Prix will be the 12th round of 15 in the FIM Motocross World Championship calendar and will host also a round of the FIM Women’s World Championship and of the UEM EMX 125 European Championship.
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