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WSS World Champion Andrew Pitt Joins Motorpoint Yamaha BSB Team

By: | Published 07 June 2010, 19:29 | Views: 1,271 | tags: british superbikes, bsb, 2010, andrew pitt, australian, wss, world champion, motorpoint, yamaha, rob mac
Andrew Pitt the two times World Supersport Champion joins Dan Linfoot and the Motorpoint Yamaha team for the next race at Mallory Park.
The 34 year old Australian tested at Mallory and settled in well with the team and the bike, completing 40 laps around the Leicestershire circuit, his first time at the track helped him get to understand the new R1 Yamaha and sets up a more serious test next week.

Andrew Pitt Motorpoint Yamaha
“I have followed the BSB series and watched the bad luck Rob’s team have had since the injury to Neil, hopefully I can help turn the luck around and get their season going.
will have to learn most of the circuits but I enjoy that and the team have all the data from last season, the bike feels great, a little different to work out with the new engine feel but I am excited about getting my head into that to.
Rob’s phone call could not have come at a better time, we both need to turn our year around and hopefully Mallory will be the start”

Rob Mac Motorpoint Yamaha

“We are still trying to recover from losing our team leader Neil Hodgson, our intention was to have an experienced race winner alongside a young gun building a strong team for the season. I have chance to put that back in place, Andrew is a World champion with experience on many machines including Yamaha Superbike. We now have an opportunity to give all of our partners the team they were promised and hopefully the results to match. Andrew has to learn the tracks but again he is very experienced and should be able to step up to the challenge.

I am sure Ian Lowry would have settled down with the bike given more time, and under different circumstances we may have had more time, he has his Spanish series to concentrate on and we wish him well with that.

This has been the most frustrating season I have ever had and I need to do everything I can to get the team working, Andrew will replace Neil as a wise experienced head to help the whole team get back on track, Dan will benefit from Andrew’s feedback and experience and someone to share the pressure of race day.

I want to thank all our team partners for supporting us through this season, ‘this is racing and the best laid plans’ and all that but our lack of luck this year takes it to the next level!”


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