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GPR Exhausts Announce New Exhausts for Kawasaki Z1000

By: | Published 14 February 2010, 15:50 | Views: 4,014 | tags: kawasaki, z1000, gpr, exhausts, moto legends ltd, performance, cans, carbon, powercone
From concept to final welding and packaging each GPR exhaust is the product of over 40 years experience. The very latest technology and design innovation combine with methods and procedures learnt since 1968. A recent three year Moto GP programme with Konica Minolta Honda, LCR Honda and D’Antin Ducati has helped keep the company at the cutting edge of exhaust design.
You can be sure therefore that the system or silencer that you buy will work as well as it looks. Everything is hand made, in house at their Milan factory, ensuring quality control is kept as high as possible. However a long held objective of the company has been to deliver not only quality but also value.

Kawasaki Z1000 Exhausts Powercone stainless (£679)

With lots of exposed hand finished welding and attention to detail these Powercone silencers from GPR make a real statement. Each silencer has a removable db reducer, held in place with a circlip and a removable baffle cone giving total flexibility from road legal to full race sound. E marked of course. Complete with all the necessary link pipes and fittings and hand made in Milan they are a bit of a bargain too. The stainless is very high grade and thin giving the strength of steel and still saving over 4.5kg in weight. Power is improved by 4.7bhp at 8250rpm and they have been fully dyno developed so you can just fit and ride with nothing else to do, except look cool!

Kawasaki Z1000 Powercone Carbon (£945)

The very latest and very best from GPR for the big "Zed". Suitable for the 2007-2009 Z1000 these are the smoothest carbon exhausts that money can buy. These are not to be compared with a normal carbon exhaust consisting of a carbon sleeve stuck between two conventional metal plates. The Powercone was designed from scratch to be the most advanced carbon exhaust on the market. Conical in shape with a turn down end cap it is not like anything on the market. Saves and incredible 6.5kg (that's a stone!) and adds a healthy 4.7bhp at 8250rpm.

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