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SW Motech Auxiliary Lights Hit The Spot For Winter Riding

By: | Published 21 December 2009, 23:37 | Views: 3,573 | tags: products, accessories, sw motech, lights
Government statistics suggest that more motorcyclists than ever are opting to ride though the winter season* and although this undoubtedly brings benefits to the daily commute, riding in conditions of reduced visibility can increase the risk of accident. Effective lighting is therefore crucial to ensure riders spot potential hazards in good time and are clearly visible to other road users too. SW Motech’s Auxiliary Lighting Kit features two H3 55W ellipsoid lights, designed to emit a powerful and broad dispersion of light and increase visibility in low light and fog too.

Compact and subtly styled, the Auxilliary Lighting Kit will not detract from the machine’s styling and is designed to be mounted quickly and easily, without the need for alteration to the electrical system or bodywork. The lights may be mounted horizontally or vertically, and can be fitted directly on to crash bars or frame tubes using Auxiliary Light Mounts, although owners of the BMW R1200 GS can mount lamps onto the upper crash bars without these.

Each kit comes complete with the required wiring harness and fuse, a ‘toggle’ handlebar mounted power switch - for easy operation when riding - plus all the required mounting materials and instructions. The SW Motech Auxiliary Lighting Kit costs £96.59 Including VAT and the Auxiliary Light Mount is available for 22 and 27mm tubing, in silver or black, priced from £19.27 per pair.

Contact Motohaus Powersports tel. 01256 704909 -

*DfT: Vehicle Licensing and Registration Statistics show that 156,000 more bikes were kept taxed and ready for use throughout winter 2008 than were five years ago.
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markovich | 23 December 2009, 15:35
Nice, any suggestions how you might be able to mount these on 1050 Tiger ?

Jay | 23 December 2009, 17:48
Not sure, but the manufacturer might be able to help.

darkeneddreams | 05 January 2010, 15:34
Halfords do exactly the same lights but they are manufactured by RING. I think they are half the price last time I was in there...

I'm sure if you checked the RING website, you'd find a similar product. Though they don't look much tbh. But halfrauds do some better looking fog lights for about £40-60.. You could probably buy a bullet camera mount to go onto a handlebar etc (use google) and fit these type of lights easily to any bike...
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