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KEIS 12V Li-ion Large Battery Pack and Charger

By: | Published 30 October 2009, 00:15 | Views: 3,207 | tags: products, heated clothing, vests, body warmers, keis x4, polyimide, dintex, battery pack, charger
Riding a motorcycle in low temperatures is not only uncomfortable, but can be dangerous. A drop in body temperature of just 1-2 degrees centigrade can instigate symptoms of hypothermia and may lead to impaired concentration, coordination and drowsiness – potentially lethal when in charge of a motor vehicle. The KEIS X4 heated body warmer keeps core body temperature regulated perfectly, offering comfort and safety throughout even the coldest of winter journeys, and now thanks to a new high capacity battery pack, can do so for much longer periods.

The new battery pack has double the output of the standard unit – 4400mAh, as opposed to 2200 – and provides up to 20 hours of operation. As it eliminates the need for connection to the motorcycle battery – although this is possible with the X4 – it allows a much greater freedom of movement both on and off the machine, and can be used for a variety of other activities, including winter sports, hiking, angling, horse riding, sky diving, etc. The pack comes complete with an integrated controller offering 5 heat settings – from 40° to 65° centigrade – and a mains charger with an LED ‘full charge’ indicator.

Unlike other heated garments, the KEIS X4 uses Polyimide panels to generate an even temperature, without the need for traditional wire elements. Lighter, slimmer and more reliable than wired garments, it also has a fleece interior trim and features a DINTEX® waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane, keeping the wearer warm and dry even when switched off.

The new high capacity 12V Li-ion Large Battery Pack and Charger is available for £79.99 inc. VAT. For further info and details on the full range of KEIS accessories, call 01256 704909 or visit

The KEIS X4 body warmer is available in sizes XS-2XL, and retails for £89.99 inc.VAT which includes the fused connection lead to run it from the motorcycle battery.
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