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Norman Hyde Hard Luggage For New Bonnevilles

By: Tasha Crook | Published 17 May 2007, 12:08 | Views: 14,112 | tags: products, luggage, givi, norman hyde, triumph bonneville
Norman Hyde has developed a modular hard luggage system for post-1999 Bonnevilles in conjunction with Italian luggage specialists Givi. This enables owners of the modern classic Triumph to fit a top case and/or side cases bringing total potential carrying capacity to a whopping 117 litres. Not only does this greatly increase carrying capacity, compared to the soft luggage options currently available for the new Bonnevilles, it is also more secure, offers better weather resistance and allows a pillion to be carried in comfort.
Hyde and his team in Warwick have designed a classic chrome rear carrier rack and pannier frames that can be fitted individually or as a set. Both items fit directly to existing mounting points without the need to modify the machine and are manufactured in the UK to accept Givi's Monokey system hard luggage, which means that a single key not only locks the cases shut but also secures them to the racks.

The classically styled rear carrier includes an integral grab rail, which will be a welcome addition for pillion riders, and retails for £105.75 inc. VAT. The matching 45L Givi case (sufficient to hold two full face helmets) costs £151.57 including fittings.

At the sides are pannier racks, which have black "powder coat" finish and incorporate stems so that the cases do not obscure the indicators. They sell for £145.70 for the pair and can carry either 21 L Givi cases (£123.38/pair) or 36 L cases (at £246.75/pair). Owners of the Triumph Scrambler, with its high level exhaust on the right side, will be pleased to learn that the panniers racks/cases may be purchased individually, for fitting to one side only.

For more on this you can call 01926 497375 or visit
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gwhiskey | 06 May 2012, 04:47
Hi, I note that in photo 1 as the Red Bonneville it appears the rear storks have reflectors attached. The photo 2 shows the actual Triumph signal lights.
This leaves me confused as to how or what is being fitted. I would presume the turn signals need to be there, and wonder what/why the other pic shows only what looks like reflectors.

I'm keen to get some type of hard lockable panniers for my 2012 Anniversary Model Bonneville. They will need to be fitted well and look the part.
Thankyou, Regards Grant.

David Farrell | 12 May 2013, 15:05
Realy well designed and strong looking frame. But frankly the Givi panniers although are most likly very good and functional look like two office waste bins with lids on. When you compaire whats available in the USA for the Bonneville America and H.D's Givi you can do better need somthing a bit more stylish.
Regards Dave
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