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BMW Carbon Enduro Helmet Now Available

By: | Published 10 August 2009, 20:39 | Views: 10,010 | tags: products, motorcycles, offroad, protection, helmets, bmw, carbon enduro helmet, carbon fiber
Press Release:

BMW Carbon Enduro Helmet now available in your local dealership For a racy look this season, be one of the first to get kitted out with BMW’s brand new Carbon Enduro helmet, a recent addition to BMW’s sporty range of Rider Equipment.

Weighing just 1,070 grams for a small shell and 1,170 grams for a large, it is the lightest enduro helmet on the market. Its ultra low weight is due to a carbon and arimide outer shell and a single plastic inner shell. For optimum safety, the helmet has neck straps integrated in the chin straps which prevent the helmet from twisting.

Slim and sporty in shape, the clear finish carbon shell provides a sophisticated and stylish look. It is also the only enduro helmet made of carbon with both a visor and peak. The standard visor is three dimensionally curved and offers almost 100 percent UV protection as well as anti-scratch coating. When riding in the summer, a low pressure ventilation system in the neck area and forehead offer an effective cooling system. Equally, the inner lining is made of Alacantra and Coolmax, high quality fabrics which can be removed for washing, along with the cheek pads.

Dave Alexander, BMW Aftersales Manager:

“Following the success of our Carbon Integral we felt it was a natural step to make a carbon version of our hugely popular Enduro Helmet. Not only is this helmet lighter by a third of its original weight, but it is also extremely safe. Development work in the wind tunnel has paid off. The Carbon Enduro helmet is unbeaten in terms of aerodynamic streamlining and it is also extremely quiet.”

The Carbon Enduro Helmet is available from all BMW Motorrad dealers. It is priced at  £795 and comes in sizes 53 to 64.

For further information on the Carbon Enduro helmet, or to locate your nearest BMW Motorrad Dealership, please call 0800 777 155 or visit

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Jay | 10 August 2009, 20:55
Very nice, no doubt even more so when fitted with a dark or reflective visor, but man, that is for serious riders only with that price tag!

Panagiotis | 11 August 2009, 10:34
i remember reading about this lid a couple months ago and the price was going to be £1.500!! i guess they did some market research and brought the price down..

powerpuffgirl | 11 August 2009, 17:55
id like to see the crash tests...
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