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Honda CBR600RR – Bike Magazine’s Machine of The Year 2007

By: Gary Gas | Published 14 July 2007, 00:51 | Views: 4,139 | tags: motorbikes, machine of the year, honda cbr600rr, bike magazine
Honda’s new-for-2007 CBR600RR has been voted machine of the year by Bike magazine – the UK’s best-selling motorcycling monthly.
The magazine undertook an exhaustive countdown of all the motorcycles on the market in the UK this year to come up with a ‘Top 150’ of the very best. Each machine was marked by a panel of experienced journalists and racers in a number of categories, including performance, handling, styling, engine, practicality, wow factor and value. Coming out on top as the undisputed number one was Honda’s CBR600RR.

Bike magazine said: “Bike’s racing road-testers are seriously impressed with the CBR600RR.” Pete Boast says it’s the best production bike he’s ridden around Cadwell Park, while Bruce Dunn says: “The CBR could win club races with minimal modifications. Bike of the Year? It’s not even up for debate. Buy one now before they all sell out.”

In the top 150, Honda had a total of 22 machines in the overall run-down, with 18 of them in the 150th-31st place before the top 30 run-down for the finalists. As well as the CBR600RR taking the top-spot, other Honda machines that made the top 30 were the CBF1000 in 24th, the new-for-2007 Honda Hornet in 11th and the evergreen CBR1000RR Fireblade in 6th position overall.

Bike said of the CBF1000: “What makes a successful motorcycle? Ask Honda. There aren’t any revolutionary ideas here, but the compromises suit many riders. It’s a simple, capable, easy to ride bike backed up with Honda’s reputation for reliability and quality.”

The new Hornet has impressed since its launch earlier this year, Bike said of the middleweight: “The depth and breadth of the Hornet’s ability elevates it beyond the reach of its rivals. Suspension, engine and chassis all seem oblivious to the compromises that usually have to be made. All satisfy the newcomer as much as they do the hardened pro.”

Commenting on the Fireblade – which was the highest-placed litre-class sportsbike – Bike magazine had this to say: “Riding litre sportsbikes fast used to be the preserve of those possessing talent or powerful good luck. Honda’s extraordinary achievement is to open this high-performance world to all but the most resolutely inept. It’s no mean feat: to give average motorcyclists the confidence and ability to consistently point 153bhp in the right direction has taken five years of MotoGP development and 15 years of Fireblades. The ’blade is ridiculously, brilliantly fast but at the same time reassuringly controlled. Brilliant it is.”

But in the coveted number one spot was Honda’s new middleweight sportsbike the CBR600RR – this year celebrating its 20th birthday. Bike said: “The new Honda CBR600RR is nothing short of a revelation. The brakes are verging on perfect and there are no current sportsbikes that will change direction as rapidly or easily as the new RR.”
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