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Virgin Cup Revisited

By: | Published 18 July 2009, 11:45 | Views: 1,687 | tags: bsb, british superbike, visk, nw200, coca cola zero, yamaha, motorpoint, hendersons, brendan roberts, bj toal, graham gowland, rob mcelnea, mallory park, leicestershire
A reminder of the days gone by will be with the Rob Mac team for Mallory Park this weekend.

The Virgin Media Cup over the years has been a spring board for many of the new stars of British and World Championship racing in fact with Cal Crutchlow there is a chance of a World Champion by the end of the 2009 season.

So for Rob McElnea the mentor for the Cup Mallory will be very special, the Rob Mac racing team will support Brendan Roberts who was the runner up in the 2005 Virgin Mobile Cup will replace Dan Linfoot on the North West 200 Coca Cola Yamaha and BJ Toal the last winner in 2007 will run alongside Brendan for this Mallory event.

Along with Tommy Hill the inaugural Cup winner who will ride the Worx Suzuki Superbike and Billy McConnell 2005 Cup winner who is battling for the Supersport title with the Raceways Yamaha team there will really be a great showing of the Virgin Academy series.

Rob Mac:
"It is amazing to see so many of our cup riders breaking through and with Cal potentially a World Champion!
Graeme Gowland, Tommy Hill, Billy McConnell, Brendan Roberts and BJ Toal have all made the big steps and have furthered their careers from our Cup and it is very satisfying for all of us.
Brendan and BJ will ride in the Supersport this weekend and will be well up for a battle; Brendan had been riding in the World Superbike series and BJ in the British Superstock series so both have a new bike for this weekend.
It should be fun to see how all the guys fair and Mallory will be a good opportunity for them all"

Brendan Roberts:
"For sure the Virgin Mobile Cup gave me the chance to break through in the UK, I came over from Australia and battled with my Aussie mate Billy McConnell who just beet me for the win, since then I have never looked back and had a great time riding in the UK and Europe, to come back and have a blast on the Supersport bike will be great fun and I hope I can run with Billy again!"

BJ Toal:
"With the Superstock series not running this weekend I had a chance to link up with Rob and have a run on a Supersport bike, we managed a test last week and I loved the Yamaha and can't wait for the race weekend"
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