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Double Podium Joy for Rob Mac Racing

By: | Published 26 May 2009, 01:20 | Views: 1,505 | tags: bsb, british superbike, visk, nw200 coca cola zero yamaha, motorpoint hendersons yamaha, dan linfoot, chris walker, graham gowland, rob mcelnea, donington, derby
The long wait is over for the taste of champagne for the Motorpoint Henderson Yamaha team. Local boy Chris Walker battled hard for his first podium of the season, two classic Walker electric starts in both races gave Chris the results he and the Rob Mac team deserved.

Graham Gowland continues to impress in his ‘Rookie' year on the Motorpoint Hendersons Superbike. Graham returning from a broken collarbone two weeks ago rode two strong and safe races securing a top 10 position in both adding to his points tally and experience.
Chris Walker Motorpoint Hendersons Yamaha - 5th position race 1 and 3rd position race 2:

"What a mega weekend! I am totally peaking for my boys in the team, we have had a tough start to the year and I was hoping coming to Donington would be the turning point but I never expected to be swagging the champers just yet! The plan was to work away with the bike and finish the weekend with two strong results and gather some crucial info, well we certainly did that and running at the front is the best info you can get. I want to thank my team of Chunky and big Col as well as Ian Prestwood, they have all been hurting with the lack of results and I am happy they have got something back for all their hard work"
Graham Gowland Motorpoint Hendersons Yamaha - 10th Position race 1 10th position race 2:

"Chris had a great day and proved we are getting closer with the new bike. I am happy to get through the weekend with some good points, the collarbone is nearly fixed but this track really tested my fitness. I rode without pushing too hard and felt I learned a lot, as my strength gets better so will my results"
Dan Linfoot continued to shake up the establishment with another storming race on the NW200 Coca Cola Yamaha Supersport bike. Dan who just missed out on pole position settled into a great rhythm and reeled in early pace setter Hudson Kennaugh to take the lead at the half race distance. Dan showed fantastic pace and held the lead until the final two laps, two old campaigners out foxed Dan in the dying stages with Steve Plater taking the win from Paul Young (later disqualified under weight machine).
Dan Linfoot NW200 Coca Cola Yamaha - 2nd Position Supersport Race:

"What a great weekend, I love racing at Donington and to get on the podium is a solid result after crashing out at the last round. I need to sharpen up my race craft with so many old boys around! My bike is flying and my confidence is growing, roll on Thruxton next week"
Rob Mac:
"We needed that weekend so much! The first couple of races have been a real test for the team spirit We have never stopped giving 100% and for Chris Dan and Graham to give us a weekend like that it has all been worthwhile. Chris dug in today and showed some classic Walker action! Hole shot in race two and running at the front is more than any of us expected just yet but he did what he does best and fought hard for his results well done to him. The timing was great with Motorpoint and Node 4 local to Donington along with Henderson's many guests had a real buzz with the atmosphere of their bike leading the way"
The Rob Mac racing teams move onto the fastest circuit on tour, Thruxton in Hampshire is the scene of the team's next battle in 6 days time.
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Jay | 26 May 2009, 23:34
Fantastic race by Walker!! His aggressive style was in stark contrast to Ellison's, but damn entertaining.
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