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“Don’t neglect your bike over winter” Q8Oils Warn

By: Garret Cashman | Published 28 November 2008, 22:49 | Views: 2,245 | tags: products, engine oil, q8 oils, lubricant, airwaves ducati, bike storage
Traditionally many owners lay up their motorcycles over the cold winter months and the option to avoid paying road tax using SORN has made ‘hibernation’ increasingly popular. Motorcycle lubricant specialist Q8Oils warn that bikes that are used infrequently can build up condensation in the engine sump, which causes emulsification, turning the oil to a milky white colour and reducing its efficiency. Q8Oils offer some simple tips for keeping the oil inside the engine in peak condition.
  • Do occasionally allow your machine to run to normal operating temperature to burn off excess moisture.
  • Don’t use the bike infrequently for short journeys.

As a general rule any motorcycle that is not used regularly should be run every two weeks to burn off condensation. Put the bike on its centre stand (or a paddock stand if it only has a side stand), select neutral and run the engine for a short period to warm up properly (approximately 10 minutes).

  • Don’t over-rev or allow it to over-heat.
  • Do ensure the bike is in a well ventilated area.

It is important to burn off the excess fuel from being on choke, which under normal road riding conditions would happen much more quickly and efficiently. Ironically, although many owners tend to service their machines after winter, ready for the riding season, it is better to change the engine oil and filter before storing the bike for any length of time, as this ensures maximum protection for engine internals, with additive levels at 100%.

Q8Oils are well-placed to offer advice on motorcycle lubrication. The Leeds-based manufacturer enjoyed a consistently successful track record with Airwaves Ducati from 2005-‘07, during which time the team won both the Riders’ and Manufacturers’ Championships.

For more information on the Q8Oils range of market leading motorcycle lubricants, please contact:

Tel: 0113 2350555

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