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Updated KEIS X4 Heated Bodywarmer for 2009

By: Garret Cashman | Published 02 November 2008, 22:05 | Views: 5,243 | tags: products, clothing, heated, bodywarmer, dintex, keis x4 heated bodywarmer, waterproof, windproof, breathable, motohaus
KEIS have restyled their acclaimed X4 heated bodywarmer for winter 2008/9 following its successful introduction last year. Now in a sophisticated matt grey, with a light grey fleece trim on the inside, the KEIS vest has a DINTEX® waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane, so it will even insulate the wearer before the heat is switched on!
However, once it is powered up the KEIS bodywarmer comes to life, heating up to 65ºC when connected directly to the motorcycle battery. Carbon-weave panels over the kidneys and chest generate an even temperature, without the need for traditional wire elements, making the KEIS Bodywarmer lighter, less bulky and above all more reliable than traditional garments of this type. Because no wire elements are used, it is possible to hand wash and drip-dry the product without affecting its performance.  

Owners wishing to adjust the temperature can invest in a 5-level control unit that is designed to provide adjustable heat from 40º - 60º when the bodywarmer is powered from a 12V source on the motorcycle. Alternatively, KEIS produce a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, with 2200mA capacity, which will provide 2.2 - 6.7 hours of heat, depending on the temperature setting. This gives owners the flexibility to wear the bodywarmer for a variety of other activities too, including winter sports, hiking, etc.

When riding at 30mph in an external temperature of 5°C, the wind chill factor causes the temperature to drop to -2°C, so for many year-round motorcyclists heated clothing is a necessity rather than a luxury. The KEIS bodywarmer is available in X-small - 2XL and retails for £89.99 inc. VAT which includes the fused connection lead to run it from the motorcycle battery. The optional 5-level heat controller costs £29.99 or wearers can opt for the battery pack/charger kit that sells for £39.99.  

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