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Team NW200 Ducati Choose Sdoc100 Power Gel

By: Garret Cashman | Published 02 October 2008, 15:59 | Views: 1,889 | tags: products, cleaning, british superbike daily star cup championship, nw200 buildabase ducati, john hackett, sdoc100 power gel
In winning the British Superbike Daily Star Cup Championship on his NW200 Buildbase Ducati, newly crowned champion John Laverty appreciates that winning is a team effort and team owner John Hackett knows that the high performance cleaner SDoc100 is essential in keeping the bikes clean and looking good!
John Hackett of John Hackett Performance (JHP), who runs both the race team and the Ducati Coventry dealership, knows the importance of using a top quality bike cleaner, but Sdoc100 Power Gel is not just a cleaner; it’s a corrosion inhibitor too. Unique in its gel form, when Sdoc100 is sprayed on it actually sticks to the dirt with its ionic charge, soaks in and then can easily be hosed off leaving a corrosion inhibited surface behind.

With thousands of motorcyclists now preparing to lay-up their bikes over winter, a failure to clean and protect their pride and joy before tucking the bike away for a few months can result in the white fur of corrosion taking hold on all that expensive alloy, and that’s where Sdoc100 Power Gel really comes into its own. Its acid-free formula protects from corrosion, prevents paintwork discolouration and even contains polymers to ensure a spot free sheen without the need for polishing!  

Made by one of Germany’s top chemical companies, Sdoc100 Power Gel was voted Best Buy 2007 by the influential German motorcycle magazine, Motorrad.

Sdoc100 Power Gel, safe on all surfaces and safe to use. Heavily soiled areas may require longer and a wipe with a sponge, but thanks to its acid-free formula, there is no time pressure to rinse off the gel, which is also environmentally friendly.

Sdoc100 Power Gel is available in 1L spray bottles priced at £12.99 and in 1L refills at £10.99.

Call 01256 704909 or visit

Images in the accompanying gallery show classic Ducati 350 pre & post cleaning with Sdoc 100 & John Hackett with NW200 Buildabase Ducati Superbike.
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ducati 350 after sdocducati 350 before sdocjohn hackett sdoc


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