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Londonbikers Xmas Party 2009
Title: Londonbikers Xmas Party 2009
Photographer: Andrew Harbron
Jay, our leader, wearing the same clothes he's had on since Friday morning. Dirty dirty stopout.
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Jay | 21 December 2009, 12:37
Thanks for that exposé Andrew, ahem.

WASP | 21 December 2009, 15:24
You look....ahem business like lol

Nonsense | 21 December 2009, 21:50
Lol...I was just thinking "I'm sure thats the shirt and tie Jay was wearing on Friday night!"
I hope you at least sprayed on some fresh deodrant!

Jay | 22 December 2009, 02:10
New underwear, under shirt, trousers, etc, leave me alone :)

Nonsense | 23 December 2009, 01:03
That's even worse should have kept the same underwear on and put on a new shirt and tie as that's what people will see! lol

Jay | 23 December 2009, 01:19
Maybe that's how they do things in Scotland, but down here that's just wrong! Hehe.
Anyhow, look, I said I didn't want to do it but liked the shirt and either you or Lou said, "no it'll be fine, we won't say anything and nobody will know", and look what happened! :)