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Londonbikers Xmas Party 2009
Title: Londonbikers Xmas Party 2009
Photographer: Andrew Harbron
Tania managed to get out of hospital for the weekend and down the stairs into the party, and raising money for her is the reason for the boys dressing in drag.
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Tiggi | 21 December 2009, 13:36
Was amazing that Tania made it along :)

Jay | 21 December 2009, 14:04
Absolutely! Great to see you again Tania. All the best for Christmas and NY!

mightlife | 21 December 2009, 18:39
Well done Tania!

Nonsense | 21 December 2009, 21:47
Really gutted I couldnt make it...would have loved to say Hi Tania.

SheWoolf | 21 December 2009, 23:19
I'm sooo proud of you Tania. Talk soon.xx

blade | 26 December 2009, 23:59
So glad Tans managed to make it, shame i was still away for my daughters wedding..wouldve loved to have seen you still look terrific....lots of love xxx