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Honda Fireblade
Title: Honda Fireblade
Photographer: Jay Adair
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darrylj | 23 November 2007, 16:17

Jay | 23 November 2007, 16:18
Very bold, whatever your opinion. I'm not yet sold, personally. Though I do like the tail, very MotoGP. Sod passengers, they ruin the handling.

Elad | 23 November 2007, 16:39
Weird how they decided to show the airbox and cut away the tank...

Jay | 23 November 2007, 16:40
It'll make it lighter, less covering steel. Probably adds to the design as well.

KSGregman | 23 November 2007, 17:29
I'm not getting the nearly vertical fairing...right behind the wheel....why didn't they pull that back under the motor?...would have made for a nicer looking "line.".....

BigSV | 24 November 2007, 22:15
Agree with you there Gregman, the verticle fairing makes the front wheel look like it's not attached to the bike. Agree with you Jay, am not sold.

Seeing it in the flesh might be different though.