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Kawasaki ZX-10 R
Title: Kawasaki ZX-10 R
Photographer: Jay Adair
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Jay | 23 November 2007, 16:45
Look at the difference in size between this outgoing model and the new ZX-10R. It's MASSIVE. The new one is svelt.

Simple | 24 November 2007, 14:08
Might be a " bloater " Jay but this is one sexy 10R - belongs to my pal " Florence " from the forum and was only completed a couple of weeks ago !!
You could probably still smell the paint fumes LOL

Jay | 24 November 2007, 17:09
It's a great WSB replica for sure. It's just always stuck in my mind that this shape ZX10 was always considerably bulkier than other litre bikes. I bet the owner is very proud!

fruitcake | 25 November 2007, 00:08
bloody awesome paint,1st time ive seen this rep in the flesh,gorgeous finish and nicely tricked up too !!
2008 model or this ?? this wins for me.

andyjzx10r | 25 November 2007, 15:51
looking forward to seeing it on Sat with the other guys from have to admit that it looks bloody lovely