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National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD)

Well, back in the dim and distant past (around 1991) a chap in Manchester had an accident, resulting in the loss of one of his legs. After commiserating with him for a while (in a pub, naturally) his mates had this bright idea of adapting the foot controls on a bike, so that he could ride it. Plans were duly made on materials to hand (beer mats, fag packets etc) and a couple of parties were arranged, with the proceeds going to fund the necessary work. All went well, and in due course he was back on the road.

While this was all going on, other people with similar problems (and their mates) got to hear about it, more events were planned, more adaptions were done, and it eventually grew into the organisation we have today, with an annual turnover in excess of £140,000 (2003/4), and a good working relationship with various Government Agencies. We are regularly asked to consult on disability issues by such august bodies as the Quavadis Project in Brussels, The Vehicle Inspectorate, and the DVLA; and much, much more. Which all sounds rather impressive, but may not mean much to the average man on the street.

The main point of the Association is exactly what it was back in those early days - we help to adapt motorcycles, trikes, and sidecar outfits so that they can be ridden by people with disabilities. Weak or missing arms or legs can usually be catered for on two wheels, but sometimes three are the only option. Whatever your taste in machinery, there is probably something out there which comes close to the picture in your head - have a look round the site, you WILL be amazed at the possibilities! And don't forget to fill in a membership form.
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