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Bar Italia Scooter Club

The Bar Italia Scooter Club was started in the Summer of 2002 by Al Richmond.
Steeped in history, stories tell of young 'mods' going to Bar Italia in the late 50's and early 60s to check the new styling in shirts and trousers modelled by the waiters fresh from Italy. Four decades on, Bar Italia is still the best hang out in London for Italian coffee and atmosphere: the perfect place for lovers of Italian scooters and style.

It was here that Al met Giles Plumpton, who also had the same leanings towards an era of clean living and modernist attitudes, and the club was born.

The Family owners were approached for permission too use the 'Bar Italia' name and with their 'blessing' a club logo was designed (Bar Italia Lambretta Club) and we were official! Shortly after this, the club changed its name to the Bar Italia Scooter Club to allow owners of other geared scooters in.

We don't allow automatic scooters (aka Twist n' Go's) into the club. One of the main reasons for setting up the club in the first place was to lengthen the lifespan of geared scooters, and to keep this special scene alive. No offence to auto riders.

To that end, our ethos is simple: You DON'T have to be a Mod, Soul Boy / Girl or Scooterist to join. You just have to ride a geared scooter, love coffee and be able to have a laugh at yourself (and others).
Telephone Number
07765 888827 (>8pm)
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