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Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO)

ATDO officially came into existence on the 3rd February 1999 when representatives of 30 organisations involved with track days voted at Silverstone to form themselves into the Association of Track Day Organisers. The association’s members include both motorcycle and car track day organisers, as well as motor racing circuit owners, and others involved in the track day scene. Calum Lockie of the Gold Track Driving Club was voted in as Chairman, and Geoffrey Sturgess of Motorcycle Folly was voted in as Vice Chairman, thus creating a balance of interest between bikes and cars.

Track days are a growing part of the leisure industry, and ATDO members allow those people with powerful road-going machinery to use it in a controlled (and therefore safer) environment, which is free of traffic regulations, speed cameras, pedestrians, trucks, etc., etc. This helps to discourage drivers from using the public roads to put their vehicles 'through their paces', and for those participants who own competition cars or bikes, ATDO members offer the opportunity for them to test their vehicles, and to gain valuable circuit knowledge, without the need to enter competitive racing.
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