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Titan Motorcycle Garage

The Titan Motorcycle Garage is manufactured in the UK by Trimetals in Dorset. Titan Motorcycle Garages completely enclose the motorbike(s) keeping them out of sight of thieves and protecting them from harsh weather. They are available in 3 different sizes, with the largest able to accommodate 2 bikes.

Titan Motorcycle Garages are manufactured from PVC coated galvanised steel which is fire-resistant, maintenance free and guaranteed for 15 years against corrosion. The wide double doors are fitted with a secure key operated locking mechanism which bolts both the top and base of the doors. The entire unit is designed to be securely bolted to a concrete base.

Product Options:

•Ground anchors – high quality chain and padlock. 'Sold Secure' approved. Also a choice of double bridged anchor or rota head anchor.
•Two-tier shelving and benching – available for all 3 sizes of motorcycle shed.
•Hasp and padlock – stainless steel and brass.
•Alarm – keypad-operated and infra-red. Relies on movement sensors and has 130db siren plus fixing bracket (batteries not included).
Telephone Number
01258 459441
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