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Charity Efforts

London Air Ambulance Welcome to the charity page. You will find here details of the work and contributions have made towards different charities. have supported many charity events and our official charity partner is the London Air Ambulance.

The LAA is an invaluable service that we have in the city, especially to bikers. In the hustle and bustle of today’s society getting from one side of London to another is somewhat problematical. It is very serious, especially when in a crisis situation, that the emergency services can get to you. The LAA team work very hard to ensure that when they are called out, that they can get to the situation as quickly as possible. This is a precious service that is available to the city. We view the LAA to be very important and this is one of the main reasons we want support them.

The London Air Ambulance Service is funded through the NHS and corporate sponsorship. are very enthusiastic and passionate to be able to help raise funds and keep the LAA running for Londoners.

We aim to raise awareness of the essential need to stay safe on London's roads especially for motorcyclists, through good riding skills, practical advice, as well as appropriate protective clothing.

Owing to everyday price increases and the overwhelming demand for this emergency service, the LAA need considerable amounts of assistance with donations, and other fundraising events racking up an essential £500,000 a year to carry on to ensure that the helicopter can be used in daylight hours, and to keep the rapid response cars on the road.

Through recent terrorist attacks, the LAA’s costs have risen alarmingly due to aviation insurances, and the cost of taking care of their new generation helicopter. To keep the London Air Ambulance in the air they need to keep constantly working at the charity grindstone. The cost of each mission works out to be, on average, £1650 per trip and the total annual cost during 2006 to ensure the provision of this service for London is an unbelievable £1.7 million.

For example, during 2006 the LAA had to attend to a startling 1306 emergency call outs. These consisted of:
  • 548 Road Traffic Accidents
  • 243 Pedestrian accidents involving vehicles
  • 205 Stabbings
  • 199 Falls from height
  • 183 Children
  • 54 ‘One Under’
  • 24 Shootings
London Air Ambulance and are official partners, we can help them by raising funds that are very much needed. Find out more about LAA and other charity events on the links below:

London Air Ambulance Work

» 2009 Summer BBQ
» Infinity Motorcycle Evening Bonanza
» LAA Charity Calendar Shoot
» Christmas Party 2006 at the Brazen Head

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