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Alpinestars Tech 7 MX Boots

By: Gary Gas | Published 27 January 2008, 13:07 | Views: 7,267 | tags: reviews, products, boots, alpinestars, tech 7, mx
The name Tech 7 may not mean much to you at the moment, but I am about to tell you all about the best Motorcycle boot that has ever been placed on my feet! Working as a News Editor for Londonbikers I regularly get to do some great work, but testing these boot and writing this review tops all others!

Alpinestars are a well know, household name when it comes to Motorcycle products. With a leading force in motorcycling and motorsports product development for over 40 years, Alpinestars began the development of its off-road boot after company founder Sante Mazzarolo talked to riders who needed a special boot for off-road riding, and so the MX range was born!

Look through any MX videos or images and you will be sure to see exactly how popular the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots have actually got! We all know that when it comes to professional racing all of the riders have to have the latest ‘tip-top’ protection, and a majority of MX riders choose Alpinestars. Australian rider Chad Reed who recently won the World Supercross season opener, is one of many sponsored by Alpinestars in all of his MX championships races.

Riding through a big city like London is no doubt very similar to racing around a MX track – with all of the cars, lorries, buses and taxis always offering a ultimate hazard to motorcyclists and scooter riders.

With this statement in mind I decided to give these very sexy boots a serious run for their money!


As always this is the major player in everyone’s mind when deciding what Motorcycle boot to purchase. Within the Alpinestars technical specification it boasts that the boot offers Full-grain leather with impact and abrasion resistant PU shell for unmatched levels for safety.

A closure system features four aluminium buckles with memory settings and a quick release locking system with self-aligning design for easy, precise closure.

Also offered is thermoplastic polyurethane protection for the rider’s toes, foot, ankle and lower leg in order to prevent injury from serious impacts.


Alpinestars go onto say that the toe box area utilizes a unique dual injection process which offers greater flexibility and comfort. The TPU rubber gaiter at the top of the boot effectively seals out elements (a very nice feature). The Dual compound toe-box offers improved flexibility and increased impact protection.

The Inner side of the boot specifically designed with dual compound PU for improved grip, with flex zones for superior comfort, control and support.

The Test Ride!

Once I put the boots on and got kitted up in my trousers and jacket, I can testify that I really did feel a lot more protected, it was as if I was invincible – and this was before I had even started the bike up! From handling the Tech 7 it was clear that it was solid and certainly built to last – there is no way that this boot was going to fall apart like some others that I had used in the past. At first it was a bit weird walking out to the bike, they were a little stiff and being a new boot were completely different to the ‘tatty’ old boots that I had been wearing for the past two years!

After getting on the bike and I knocked it into first and off we went. It was so surprising how easy changing gear was with the Tech 7’s, as looking at the profile of them makes you think that there is no way that you’d be able to get them under the selection lever but there was no problem.

Prior to mounting the bike I had planned a little buzz up to the Ace Cafe (North Circular Road) and back home to rest my feet, but after about five minutes I realised that they were super comfortable and I was guaranteed to be out much longer!

So, I headed onto the A40 and headed east into the city, which I knew, was usually a rather busy and car congested part of town. The boots survived the speeds and shenanigans on the A40 and when I met the build up of traffic found that they followed my first impression by allowing me to change gear easily, and still remained comfortable.

I then went on to wizz all the way through town and on my way back the wonderful British Weather caught up with me and the heavens opened – Great! With everything crossed I rejoined the A40 and found myself going through puddles that were big enough to send water spaying everywhere...apart from inside the Tech 7’s. They were completely bone dry!

After wearing these boots everyday for two weeks solid I can safely say that they are the best boot that has ever been placed on my feet, and I think that it will remain that way until I get my hands on the upgraded version!

The Alpinestars Tech 7's are available in Black / Red, White / Blue and White / Grey, and have a recommended retail price of £209.95 (inc VAT).

It was a great pleasure reviewing the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots and I would like to thank Alpinestars for providing the boots used in this review.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase a pair of the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots or any other Alpinestars products please contact Sondel Sport on 020 7700 0310 or visit

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