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The 2007 LB Christmas Party - Awards & Charity Auction

By: Tasha Crook | Published 16 January 2008, 14:06 | Views: 4,433 | tags: events, londonbikers, charity, london air ambulance, awards
The evening of Friday 21st December 2007 saw the third Christmas Party go off with a massive bang. This year’s party was held at the Brookgreen Hotel, Hammersmith in London, seeing around 100 people turn up and enjoy the Christmas festivities. This year's party not only included the annual Londonbikers community member awards, but also a Charity Auction in aid of the HEMS London Air Ambulance, where a very generous crowd spent a very charitable £2,050. In all, we expect the total raised for the LAA on the night to be around £2,700, perhaps more. This is a fantastic amount and the best we've done so far. The service the LAA provide saves many lives, and is particulary relevant to bikers.

Londonbikers community members Ben Meconi (Ben632664) and Terry-Moto both dressed up as Christmas characters in aid of the London Air Ambulance charity also. Terry came dressed as Rudolf the Reindeer and Ben dressed up as a Christmas Elf. Once again the community came up trumps and sponsored them an estimated £700, total yet to be confirmed.

I think it's fair to say that this year was the best party we've had, with a great venue, great crowd and great atmosphere. Everyone who attended made the night as good as it could be. For some, it was a rare chance to get out of bike-friendly clothing and dress up smartly, giving the night a special feeling. Most turned up via four wheels, though some hardcore guys and girls brought their bikes, despite the very thick fog! Food, music and video were put on for the guests,  though the food soon disapeered as some folks rushed in, and then our DJ didn't turn up, meaning a few folks jumped in to help out, but hey, you're bound to have a few hicups on the night. Like true bikers, we just got on with it. Thank-you to everyone that came.

Community Member Awards

The Londonbikers annual awards ceremony took place at just after 9.30pm and was presented by Patrick McConnon. The presentation was as funny as ever with the usual banter flying around This years winners of the Annual Londonbikers Awards were:


Andy & Chris have been staunch supporters of the LB community, going to more ride-outs and meets than anyone else, including the staff! Their smiles and photos have made many a day go that much better. Thanks guys!


Brian, otherwise known as THE suspension expert on LB has been a fantastic mentor and crew chief for many a member, helping them setup and understand what their bike is doing when on fast rides or at trackdays. He's helped them get so much more out of their bikes that we have to award him the life-saver award.


Most famous for his morale-building Quiz Master antics, ChunkyMonkey is LB's answer to Bamber Gascoigne! Always there to make the forums a fun place. Thank-you fella!


She does the GSX-R club proud, always a pleasure to see her on ride-outs and at the meets.


Our very own blue-collar male-model and unfortunately, R1 riding JohnnyBravo has been making us laugh non-stop at trackdays, meets and on the site. Be careful with that R1 mate, you don't want to spoil you chances for next years awards!


What more can be said? These two may be forum moderators, but they don't hold any punches when it comes to voicing their opinions and pointing out the funnier side of LB. They're great supporters of LB as well, at many a ride-out and meet, even starting their own meet in North London for members further afield. Thank-you Graham & Debz!


Always seeing the funnier side of life on LB, is our resident comic Terry. Now, if only his stunting was as good as his jokes then he would be unstoppable!

MOST OFF's 2007: Frogga

Talking of stunting, it seems that Frogga's been trying a little too hard this year and has had quite a few off's! Going so far as losing a little finger trying to impress the girls no doubt. Whoops... Keep it upright next year Frogga!


We've lost count of how many times Shanes bike has been away from him without his permission. This guy has one in a million luck with keeping his bike. We hope it continues through 2008! Sort it out Shane!

LB CRIME FIGHTER: Porkscratchin

Best known for his constant appearances on Sky TV's Road Wars programme, Porkscratchin is our most prolific crime-fighter, catching many a bike thief and bringing them to justice. He's also a great help to members, giving real-world advice that can help us have fun, and stay safe.

LAA Charity Auction

After the awards ceremony, Secret Santa arrived with a sack full of presents that the community members bought for each other. This was also a very amusing part of the evening. Following the secret Santa was the Charity Auction in aid of the London Air Ambulance.

Presenting the auction was myself (Tasha Crook), and KTM 660 Cup racer Chris D’arcy, who had the crowd in stitches throughout the whole presentation. With 26 lots in all and around 28 different companies donating the auction took about an hour to present. The final total from the auction was £2,050.

Here are the lots and winners form the charity auction in aid of the London Air Ambulance:

Lot 1: MotorSport Vision & Londonbikers Track-day
Winner: Ian Robinson.

Lot 2: Datatool Snitcher from Datatool
Winner: Mark Thomas.  

Lot 3: Arlen Ness Jacket from Riverside Motorcycles, Putney
Winner: Toby Stokes.

Lot 4: BSB Hospitality Day from Taboo Motorsports
Winner: ChunkyMonkey.

Lot 5: Motorcycle Screen from PowerBronze
Winner: Gary Gas.

Lot 6: Men’s Clothing Pack – Alpinestars, KTM, BUFF & Arai
Winner: Angela Sutton.

Lot 7: Suspension Set-up from BN Race Science
Winner: Julie Ainge.

Lot 8: Set of Keith Code Books from California Superbike School
Winner: Charley Keller.

Lot 9: Women’s Clothing Pack – Alpinestars, Bering, BUFF & KTM
Winner: Nicky Gas.

Lot 10: £250 Voucher from Infinity Motorcycles
Winner: Mark Thomas.

Lot 11: Signed James Toseland Picture from Keith Martin Photography
Winner: Gus Scully.

Lot 12: Voucher for any Dainese Jacket from Dainese
LA Steve

Lot 13: 2 x London MCN Motorcycle Show Tickets
Winner: Sarah Kinch.

Lot 14: Tools from AMPRO Tools
Winner: Curtis Rutter.

Lot 15: Silverstone GP Track-Day from Focused Events
Winner: Patrick McConnon.

Lot 16: BSB Hospitality from Virgin Media
Winner: Charley Keller.

Lot 17: MotoGP & BSB Books from Haynes – DVD from DUKE Video
Winner: Brian Nicholson.

Lot 18: Frame & Wheel Polishing from M9Performance
Winner: Terry Moto

Lot 19: Bike Cover From Specialised Bike Covers & BUFF Neck Warmer
Winner: Brian Nicholson.

Lot 20: Group Photographic Session from Bandit Bird
Winner: Nicky Gas.

Lot 21: Men’s Pack of Clothes – Alpinestars, BUFF, KTM & Soprano’s Superbikes in LA.
Winner: George Sutton.

Lot 22: Davida Luna Helmet from Scooterworld
Winner: Patrick McConnon.

Lot 23: £100 Leather Repair Voucher from WASP
Winner: Shane MacDonald.

Lot 24: Luggage & Cap from Arai and BUFF Neck Warmer
Winner: Carl Garner.

Lot 25: Filter for any Bike from K&N
Winner: Steve.

Lot 26:
Two fine Workmen – Courtesy of Kester Crook & Carl Garner
Winner: WASP.

We would like to give a special thanks to all of the companies who donated towards this great cause and also all of the people who took part and raised the amazing amount of £2,050 in the auction. We're also thankful to Ben & Terry for their part in helping raise approximately £500 as well.

We'll be making the formal hand-over of the charity money to the LAA shortly, once all the money is collected. If you're one of those who has yet to pay for their lot, please get in contact with Foxy via the Forums as soon as possible.

Sponsors for the charity auction were:


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