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Weise Aztec Glove Review

By: Andrew Harbron | Published 30 July 2012, 09:39 | Views: 6,116 | tags: weise, clothing, accessories, gloves, summer, leather, short cuffs, british, full grain, reviews, articles, road tests, 2012
Weise are my favourite low-cost motorcycle clothing supplier bar none. Over the last few years I’ve seen BSB riders tumble in their leather suits (hello Dave Johnson, yes that’s you!) and we’ve been lucky enough to test enough of their gear to know it’s as good as you are going to get for the price.
For economy prices you aren’t going to get premium features (the cost of setting up fancy moulds and machining is colossal)  but what Weise appear able to do is offer something much closer to premium build quality (both in materials used and garment assembly) than their competitors.

I got a press release through on LB’s news-desk earlier in the year about their new Aztec glove and I was curious not so much by the eye catching black and white but by the rather amusing boast “with McFit Technology”! I mean, seriously what the fiddle-de-do is that?

“McFit” actually stands for Maximum Comfort FIT (although I suspect the acronym came first) and introduces to me (if not all of us) Weise’s solution to the old problem of old gloves: the lining detaching and getting wound up inside the glove making it uncomfortable and possibly unwearable.

This technique of manufacture creates a much stronger and (they claim) a longer lasting connection between the layers of the glove and so they all stay in situ much longer.

Moving past the fancy tags, what Weise have sent us is a short-cuff leather sports glove with some water resistance materials for summer showers and full grain leather for maximum wear and feel.

Short-cuff gloves are not to everyone’s taste because of their lack of wrist protection but having tried these on before they went out on review I have to say I can see the point of them for short trips or commutes. There’s no tucking in of jacket or extra fastenings to do up – just a large Velcro wrist tab and you are good to go.

The Aztecs are not Weise’s top short-cuff glove and so aren’t covered in fancy mouldings and trick armour panels – instead you get a substantial knuckle plate and reinforced leather in the more vulnerable areas on the palm and heel. The finger joints have mesh ventilation holes (which look very similar to those on my old Racer gloves) to get air into the glove whilst (apparently) resisting water ingress.

I tried them on (these were a medium fit) at home before Oldguy came over and they appeared a perfect fit. I think I’m very lucky to have very generic shaped hands because I’ve only once had a glove which I couldn’t get to fit (an old GP Pro Alpinestar pair) and these proved no exception. Very soft and immediately comfortable – Derek had said he’d run them for a month to break them in before offering his opinions and I’d suggested that wouldn’t be necessary. He wasn’t convinced until he came around and slipped them on.

In Use

After a good month or two of use here’s Derek’s review:

"First, let’s get something cleared up. McFit has nothing to do with the girl/hunk at your local burger bar, it’s just a variation on the glove building process as mentioned.

  • These appear nicely made (in China) from decent materials with the right price, about £50, so more than reasonable value for a pair of medium cuff summer gloves.
  • The backs of hands are well protected with knuckle guards and raised seams around the mesh finger vents. Those works well and don’t let in rain, despite looking as if they should.
  • The sticky finger pads on the finger tips are good, giving confidence when the levers are wet and slippery.
  • Carpal area protection looks a bit scant but, I’m pleased to say, I didn’t test that with a palms down off.

They are definitely a “try before you buy” though. Despite being a medium, according to the Weiss web site and the last half dozen pairs of gloves I have bought, for me they were tight across the palms and too short in the fingers and thumbs length, so I could not wear them for more than an hour before cramp set in.

I passed them on to my son (who has smaller hands) for him to test. He reported thus:

  • “The fingers and palm are good but too short in the thumbs.”
  • “Nice ventilation; it is good to have a breeze inside the glove when the going gets a bit sweaty, and my hands remained pretty dry in a light shower. They are hopeless in a heavy downpour and they don’t dry out in the (air conditioned) office so it’s damp gloves for the home journey, but they dried nicely on the ride home”

So good bits, bad bits. Make sure you get the right size for you and you will have a pretty nice pair of gloves for summer use at a reasonable price. Just don’t come off and slide palms down and avoid heavy rain.

Would I buy a pair, of the right size, as summer gloves? For commuting, yes. For touring, possibly. For a track day, not sure."

Thank you Derek.

So the Aztecs appear to continue Weise’s good work with build and design.

I’m not too concerned about them letting water in under a deluge – they’re short cuff summer gloves after all and unless you wear full water proofs as a matter of course it’ll not just be your hands getting wet. A cheap pair of over-gloves (or carrier bags) in a pocket would be a good idea this summer – I don’t leave the house without mine.

Sizing is always difficult with review gear because we don’t get to stand in a shop trying different sizes on. Sadly these appear slightly too small for Derek unless the leather is going to stretch slightly which naturally caused some fatigue on longer journeys.

Weise produce a top line short-cuff glove call the Daytona which appears to offer a full complement of armour panels including palm and Knox’s own SPS system for £70 and if they are as supple and ‘lovely’ as the Aztecs I think I’d be aiming for these instead.

To sum up then, I think both Derek and I agree that these are fine gloves for £50 provided that you accept their limitations in armour and weather resistance. I agree with him that these aren’t track-day gloves but if you like a convenient, short-range, soft and handsome glove then I think this is £50 well spent.


LB Scores :

Design: 8/10 - these are very stylish gloves in black and white and those little finger vents do exactly as advertised. Good marks to trying to solve the lining problem too.

Protection 6/10 -  short-cuff gloves will never score well here, yes there's a hefty knuckle plate but these gloves are not going to be remembered for their protective add-ons. Good grain leather is plentiful though.

In Use 7/10 - I won't remove marks for Derek's discomfort with them not fitting, that's a hazard of reviewing, but as always with gloves try before you buy. Finger length appears all over the place across brands and is a real pain if it's wrong.

Overall 21/30 - on the face of it not a great score but I'm using the same standards I've tested my £130 Knox gloves against so for a glove costing less than half the price, and one fundementally flawed in protection being a short cuff, I think this is a very respectable score.

Check out the official details here and do yourself a favour by checking out their Daytona too.

Weise Aztec Full Grain Short Cuff gloves. RRP £49.99 from all good stockists.

Reviewed by LB member Oldguy (Derek).



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Giuliano | 08 September 2012, 07:20
I bought a pair of these at Helmet City at the beginning of July and have worn them every day on my commute. Very, very compfortable and cool when hot. Also, still compfortably warm on the colder mornings of late. Definitely worth trying on a pair for fit, well made, well designed and good value.

andrew&7 | 14 September 2012, 09:57
These felt very 'right' straight out of the package. I'd have shelled out for them in a shop after that, no worries. And i'd have been very happy with them.

If you're happy with the compromise on protection these are banging.
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