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Oval Motorcycle Centre Goes Racing!

The 2012 racing season is almost here and teams big and small are getting ready for that first warm-up lap in front of the baying crowds. Getting there costs a lot of money almost regardless of the class of racing and most teams rely on sponsors to provide that cash.
London motorcycling’s most exciting new business, The Oval Motorcycle Centre, is dipping its toe into the deep waters of sponsorship by announcing their support for two London-based riders Kasey Wyatt and Paul Wheatley.

a)    Kasey Wyatt, Beckenham based, will be racing in the Ducati 848 challenge,
b)    LB's very own Paul Wheatley who will be racing an SV650 in the minitwin series.

Both the Ducati 848 Challenge and the Bemsee Minitwins have several rounds being held over BSB weekends which means big crowds and potentially television coverage – the 848 challenge has featured on TV during the 2011 and 2010 seasons.

OMC wants to help both riders in their respective campaigns by supplying them initially with tyres (several hundred pounds per race meeting) and use of their facilities if needed, but the larger aim is to have these two London riders being supported entirely from within the Capital, which is where LB's membership comes in.

About Kasey

18 year-old Kasey is racing in the Ducati 848 Challenge with title sponsors GBmoto Racing (recently confirmed as a BSB Elite team for 2012). Kasey has a long association with GBmoto as they have supported him through the Aprilia Superteens series and British GP125s in previous years.

This is now a chance for Kasey to move to the next level in his career and perform on larger capacity machinery. GBmoto's Team Principal, Mark SmithHalvorsen is glad to be putting emphasis back into Kasey Wyatt's racing after a couple of cash-strapped years, as he still sees real potential in his riding ability.

About Paul

Paul, or PoutyWombat as he’s known in LB’s community forums, is going to be racing in his novice year after several years cheering racers on from the safe side of the safety barrier with a pint in his hand. A Suzuki SV650 is the chosen steed to compete in the competitive Mini-Twins series which has already been featured in LB’s exclusive BSB coverage, principally because one of our leading female riders, Gabs, has competed in the series for some years.

Paul looks every inch the racer; he’s whippet sized, very fast, has short hair and makes good tea. When he’s not polishing his SV he’s working at a BMW dealership or decorating his new marital home.

OMC are well based (Vauxhall) to be able to help both riders with workshop space for working, storage and even parts delivery as well as advice and even a venue for PR events.

How Can LB Help?

By contributing!

As an incentive or reward, depending on your point of view, OMC are putting two prizes into a draw for each round's contributors.

1) As a team sponsor OMC get passes to all the races but it is likely to be those rounds held on BSB weekends which have the most appeal. So OMC are going to put a pair of VIP passes for each of the 3 Brands rounds plus one of the other rounds where the 848 Challenge runs. These are high-grade passes including access to the Ducati 848 Challenge hospitality area and GBMoto Racing’s BSB garage so you can get a first hand view of the work involved in organising a BSB team.

2) For each round's draw OMC are offering 3 free hours workshop time as the alternative prize to the passes - not everyone is a racing fan or will be able to make the specific weekend.

This draw would be open to all those of you who will have contributed to these riders. There is no limit to the amount or how often you wish to contribute the only condition is nothing lower than £20.

Each draw will be held two weeks prior to each round, and for each £20 of contribution you make you will get an entry ticket into the draw. The more contribution you make, the greater the chance of winning these great passes to watch your riders in action; for example a £100 contribution gets you five entries into the draw.

To contribute please email for details of payments.

As further incentives:

a)    At the end of each round we will have a two sets of scrubbed tyres that contributors/sponsors can use for track days.
b)    We will have access to a tyre supplier who can supply tyres at much discounted rate approx £200 a pair.

Both of these offers are available only contributors.

Both OMC and LB are very happy to be able to offer this option for readers, members and friends of Kasey and especially Paul in his novice year.

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you an LB race diary after each round following these and our other LB racers Gabs (Minitwins) and Mike D (848 Challenge). It’ll be v interesting to see how everyone gets on.

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