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Womenswear - Making the Weise Choice

By: Lou Jones | Published 29 August 2011, 09:50 | Views: 6,889 | tags: weise, clothing, jackets, boots, trousers, pants, jeans, womens, girls, females, ladies, tatu, gemma, papillion, waterproof, textiles, british, uk, reviews, products, articles, scores
After the best part of 2 years off a bike to bake, deliver and raise daughter Lucy, Lou has recently taken delivery of a CBR250R and had the thankless task (as we all do periodically) of trying on clothes from a few years ago with the inevitable disappointment.

A few emails later and those great guys at Fab Biker Boys organised some Weise clothing for Lou's return to two wheels; the textile Gemma jacket, matching Papillion trousers and some tough looking Tatu boots.

I heard about Weise some years ago because BSB racer Dave Johnson wore a Weise one-piece leather suit for a couple of seasons, and as Editor I've had several releases sent through and most have tweaked my interest in this quietly impressive British company. Now we have had a chance to see their products close up and in action, so let's see what Lou made of them.

The Weise “Gemma” Textile Jacket

Looking for a great quality jacket without breaking the bank? Then the £110 Gemma jacket from British manufacturer Weise is a great buy.

I was looking for some new bike gear because I’ve returned to biking after a break to have a baby a year ago, and prior to collecting my lovely new Honda 250R I tried on my old jacket and trousers to discover that my body is not the same shape as it was previously. I found that the small racer cropped jacket neither very uncomfortable nor very reassuring should I come off. But having worn a Rukka jacket for some years previously and Hein Gericke more recently I didn’t want some old tat and would like to think I know the decent from the shabby.

Out of the Box

The Weise Gemma jacket impressed straight out of the impressive box handed to us by the courier; it had a really nice feel, my back, hips and stomach felt covered and protected. I like the way it looks on me, the small feminine touches are so right with the small floral embroidery just finishing the jacket off nicely. I don’t have to be dressed in stereotypical pink because Weise have given me the choice (although if there are any lady riders out there that like pink they do a pink and baby blue jacket).

The stretchy side panels are a blessing when you are on your bike, the range of movement the jacket gives is a massive thumbs up as is the option to zip the jacket to a matching pair of trousers albeit with a shorter joining zip than hoped for.

The 2 outer pockets are discreet (Velcro and zips employed to secure contents and stop the pocket gaping) while on the inside there is only one pocket - on the upper right side which is quite shallow and square. I would have liked to have seen two or even three inside pockets or perhaps a pocket on the arm.

Summer Showers

The jacket comes with a removable liner as do most, and claims to be waterproof. While I haven’t braved some of the heavier summer downpours I did get caught in a typical British shower which the jacket coped with perfectly well, but don’t take this as a real test of the jacket’s water repelling abilities.


My only criticism of the jacket is that the cosy inside liner doesn’t go all the way to where the jacket zips; it stops about half an inch short of the zip on both sides. This leaves a too-wide strip that doesn’t have extra lining so when there is a temperature dip you really do feel the air coming through the zip all down the centreline of your jacket.


The well sized back armour plate doesn’t protrude or intrude on comfort but reassuringly reminds you it is there. Should you prefer a separate back protector It can be easily removed; my ForceField back plate fits under the jacket comfortably.

The collar on the jacket is a perfect height and a lot of consideration has been taken into using Neoprene for the collar, it works well as it’s very comfortable especially when you have your lid on.

What Weise Say About The Gemma:
  • 600 Denier strong nylon outer construction
  • ISOTEX® waterproof, windproof and breathable drop lining
  • Removable 120 gram thermal quilted lining
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors
  • Removable CE approved armour to the shoulders, elbows and back
  • Neoprene trim to collar for added comfort in all weather conditions
  • Neoprene trim to cuff with zipper closure and adjustable velcro retained strap
  • Main central zipper with internal storm flap for additional weather protection
  • Large stretch panel from under arms to hips which offers a more comfortable and flexible fit
  • Additional zipper opening to hips which offers more adjustability when wearing motorcycle jeans
  • Two concealed external waist pockets with zipper closure
  • Single internal waterproof pocket
  • Internal 6 inch zipper for attaching to Weise jeans
  • 3M Scotchlite® reflective piping to front and rear of shoulders for added night time visibility
  • YKK zippers throughout


The Weise Gemma Textile Jacket is a very comfortable and practical jacket that looks great without being too girly. Add to that it’s British and at a £110 RRP it’s staggeringly good.

LB Ratings:

Comfort 8/10 - points lost for draughty zipper which will be more serious come Autumn

Fit 9/10 - especially given my post natal shape

Looks 8/10 - very smart black and white design and isn’t baggy

Quality 8/10 - materials used seem strong, zips are precise and have nice tags to them

Value for Money 9/10 - does £110 get you a better jacket which looks this good?

The “Papillion” Jean

The £90 Weise Papillion Trouser is what you would expect from a ladies motorcycle trouser. I like the fact that Weise has a range from 8 to 22 and I’m very supportive of manufacturers that cater for the size 14+. Our size shouldn’t have to be a limiting factor to buying good branded bike gear although it is understandable that the smaller lady biker market gives less of an incentive to manufacturers to produce large ranges. Weise are amongst the few who have gone out on a limb and deserve our support girls.


The Papillion is reported to be a 500 Denier strong nylon and it certainly has a strong feel to it. They are extremely light, breathable and they are claimed waterproof. The jeans have a unique design; an ankle to hip zipper has been added. Weise suggests it’s for easy of entry, to get them over your boots but I don’t make a habit of wearing thigh high boots on my bike. Perhaps it’s for a racy flash of thigh when pulled over for speeding? A more likely use is to give good ventilation when wandering around on a hot summer’s day.

Fireman Sam

In terms of styling I don’t think they look flattering; I feel I look like a fireman. They are very straight in the leg and just hover at my ankle. Because I can’t tuck them into my boot (the zip and press-studs at the ankle prove too uncomfortable) I do get a breeze up my leg when I’m riding; either it needs a simpler leg opening or a narrower closing aperture. I would like to try the Weise Ladies Titan Sport Jean for a comparison.

Knox Onboard

The Knox hip armour adds reassurance that should you come off your trusty steed the impact of falling off and hitting the ground won’t be as bad as some other flimsy hip protection on other brands. The armour itself fits nicely, even on these child bearing hips with their pockets feeling nice and secure.

On The Road

Along with the Gemma Jacket, these jeans inter lock to form a secure and comfortable riding suit. I really hate feeling all trussed up and restricted as it goes for bike gear but I was very surprised how well I got on with the whole textile outfit. My other textile trousers, which I’m too small for (for the time being only!), are my Rukka Trousers; as a comparison the Papillion jeans are great for summer and early autumn but I don’t think they would do well in the colder weather, especially with the breeziness around my legs.

What Weise Say
  • 500 Denier nylon outer construction
  • ISOTEX® waterproof, windproof and breathable drop lining
  • Unique easy entry ankle to hip zipper with Velcro storm flap for complete weather protection
  • Zipper and popper closure system to waist
  • Adjustable Velcro retained twin belt system to waist
  • Raised back to waist which offers additional weather protection
  • Removable CE approved armour to hips and knees
  • 6 inch zipper for attaching to Weise jackets
  • 3M Scotchlite® reflective piping to thigh for added night time visibility
  • Two concealed external waist pockets with zipper closure
  • YKK zippers throughout

LB Ratings:

Comfort 8/10 - no real gripes or issues except the slightly baggy leg aperture

Fit 7/10
- I’m not a standard shape these days so it is a testament that they fit pretty well

Looks 6/10
- a little too utility for my tastes and the Gemma jacket shows them up in this area

Quality 8/10
- no apparent shortcuts and Knox armour adds credibility

Value for Money 8/10
- hard to fault seriously at £90


The Weise Papillion jeans are another of their products punching above its price. They’re not the most stylish leg-wear but they made the right call to cut back on styling budgets instead of the build quality. OVERALL 7.5/10


Tatu Ladies Boot

Weise has hit the nail on the head in terms of styling for this boot. I love them.

They don’t look like typical bike boots; as a consequence they look great under jeans and over jeans. The Tatu has a cheeky raised heel so you don’t feel like a storm trooper in them and the fully textured sole looks more like something off a hiking boot. I love the way that Weise have added a really subtle detail on the outer ankle area, again very feminine but not in a Barbie-doll way.

Paddy Thrown

Initially I did have a paddy because I couldn’t get the boot on; they were so tight and stiff but after being determined to wear them day in and day out they have eased up tremendously. They are now extremely comfortable thanks to supple leather and well-placed flex panels. I have purposely spent all day in them with no ill effects; their styling means you can use them off the bike without looking silly since most would probably take them as being Doc Martins or similar.
Getting them on is easy now but getting out of them is less so! I keep getting the lining caught in the zip which is just annoying and needs looking at from a design point of view plus the zip can feel a little small; I don’t have sausage fingers but I do find this aspect of the boot really fiddly.


Protection is most obvious in the large reinforced shin plate, sturdy toe cap and my heel seems to sit neatly in an armour cup. It is true to say that they don’t offer the sophisticated protection systems seen in the 3 sports boots recently tested by, but then again I don’t ride the miles and speeds that some do.

I have only ridden small bikes which don’t have the room for the bulk of a fancy sports boot either, and these Tatus fit on my little 250R really well despite Andrew’s concerns over the heel.

Leather and Linings

I want to mention the leather uppers to these Tatu boots, and indeed that they come with a tidy little cleaning kit of polish, cream and brush in a natty little bag! Underneath the leather is a waterproof lining, a Gore-Tex type affair, denoted by the slim bronzed tag (again very reminiscent of that on Andrew’s Gore-Tex equipped boots).

Riding out recently in the wet weather my feet were bone dry. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have found a good replacement to my tired old Frank Thomas boots.

You may have detected a happy review of these boots despite a grumbling about not being able to get them off but I genuinely think they are great. Fantastic value for money – go buy now….hurry!! Oh and the cost? £89.99 FAB!!

What Weise Say

•    Leather upper
•    DINTEX® waterproof, breathable lining
•    Nylon reinforced shin plate, toe cap and heel cassette
•    Stretch panels to calf and heel
•    Zipper closure with leather trim to protect zips
•    Treaded sole with built in shank and small heel
•    Leather shift pad
•    Embossed leather to outside of boot

LB Ratings:

Comfort 9/10 - hard work initially but worth breaking in as they are all-day off-bike comfortable now

Fit 9/10 - a blister was the result of breaking in but now they are snug and work well with the bike’s controls

Looks 10/10 - a real winner with subtle embellishments without plastic panelling or fancy logos.

Quality 10/10 - proper thick leather, a waterproof lining and good protection.

Value for Money 10/10 - outstanding at £90


For the third time Weise have come up trumps. These hardy, well made and stylish boots work as well off the bike as they do on it and give the more casual biker a superb product.

Editor's Comments

The Gemma jacket is particularly impressive looking and feeling no different to my £400 HG Tricky jacket in build and material quality - sure the built in armour is pretty thin but otherwise it is a very well put together and attractive jacket.

The trousers are perfectly adequate and functional, sure they could be more attractive and flattering but they could be a lot more money. The Tatu boots didn't look very comfortable but my mistake for judging on appearances - Lou loves them!

All in all, a very impressive showing and thoroughly recommended. I've seen much shabbier gear at twice the price.

Check out Weise Clothing for yourselves at

Weise Clothing
2-12 Bath Road
Bristol, BS4 3DR
Tel: +44 (0)117 971 9200

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me_groovy | 29 August 2011, 18:03
good write up, have sent it to a mate who just passed her CBT :)

Lou | 29 August 2011, 22:24
Thanks! xx

LibbyWick | 12 May 2012, 19:04
Hi, I've just bought exactly the same outfit... but having a slight problem... I'm assuming you've zipped the jacket and jeans together but how do I attach the jeans to the jacket? Zip them together you may say.. but.. I've unzipped and removed the outer half of each zip but now have a mirror copy of each, so there's an end stopper and pull tab on both the jeans and the jacket. Do I need to break off the end stopper on one of the zips?
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