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USER REVIEW - Westie Talks About His Arai Chaser Helmet

By: Andrew Harbron | Published 17 April 2011, 17:13 | Views: 12,617 | tags: arai, chaser, chaser v, helmets, clothing, safety, member reviews, reviews, matt, westie, phoenix, whyarai

Here Matt Darley-Dawson, or Westie as he's known on, gives us his review of his Arai Chaser helmet.

Over to you Matt:

Having had my original Arai Chaser camo for 4 years i decided that i needed a fresher feel, so what did i opt for? Another Arai Chaser.

Why? Well all i can say about this helmet is that I’m thoroughly impressed with its performance, quality and the 5 year guarantee that all Arai helmets get as standard. My previous Chaser was a new model back in 2007, and having never had an Arai before i wasn’t sure what to expect but since then they’ve always impressed me.

Padding It Out

As soon as I put the helmet on it felt comfy, but not tight, snug with that ‘all over’ fit. I have a slightly narrower face than most so I fitted the 35mm cheek pads as i felt that the standard 25mm ones didn’t give me the support i needed (think of it like a support bra for your cheeks ladies!).  With the comprehensive and widely available spares for Arai this swapping of pads wasn't a problem to achieve. The double d-ring type chin-strap is smooth and easy to use to complete the secure feel when wearing the Chaser.


The Chaser comes with Pinlock anti-fog visor inserts as standard and i decided to complement this with a light smoke insert to take the glare off the road as my commute takes me all along Vauxhall where the spring sunshine can be too much, as beautiful as it is. This way I don't have to worry about being stopped for wearing a non-legal dark race visor as the principle visor remains clear. These fog inserts make things so much clearer, literally as those chilly mornings without one can be very hard work! They are very easy to remove and fit and Arai have a range of different fitting kits available.

Editors Note: it is surprising how far into the year these prove useful, even in mid April I still miss mine when using the alternative visor.


Stop Press! The Chaser has vents that actually work!

We all know what happens in the summer with some of these cheaper branded helmets: you open up the main head vent and no air flies through but on the Chaser range I remember being amazed a few summers ago on a brilliantly hot day as to how effective they vents really were, so much so that my head was quite cold once the sun had gone down.


And finally the paint finishes - wow!

With so many choices to choose from it’s hard to know exactly which ones to go for these days. I chose the Colin Edwards Yamaha Anniversary Edition replica in white (officially the Colin Legends White) as i loved the pearl white and red finish. The gloss is to such a high standard and remains so providing the helmet is cared for regularly.


So all in all why by a Chaser? How about a 5 year guarantee? Or servicing at any authorised Arai Dealership at no extra cost? Or the excellent back up of spare parts should you need them?

All of the above are excellent plus points but in the end, this is a great helmet on its own and is probably the most popular helmet in the Arai range. That says it all.

Chaser V

However, there is the Chaser V to consider.

The Chaser V is an upgraded version of the Chaser, it is an all-new helmet introduced earlier this year. It has (amongst other improvements) a larger visor aperture (SAI) as initially seen on last year’s new Quantum, a fully removable interior (whereas the Chaser has only removable cheek pads) and improved ventilation with larger vents and a modified rear air conductor.

Price-wise Infinity have a black Chaser at £232.49 and the equivalent Chaser V at £349.99 which makes the ‘standard’ model look amazing value. For a patterned model the difference (Infinity and Hein Gericke online) is about £280 versus £410 so right now appears to be the time to pick up a Chaser.

Now is the time! Try one, you might like it!


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Fooligan55 | 18 April 2011, 19:56
Great review Westie, you are obviously an Arai fan. I am lucky enough to be able to get a new helmet every 2 years or so. I had an Arai, infact I've had 2. One Edwards RX7 and a Quantum F. I used the helmets for work so they got alot of wear. I am sad to say they did not handle this very well and bits kept falling off (I think this is why the spare parts are so easy to come by), I will not be buying another one.
The Shoei helmets that I have owned have performed much more reliably without sidepods dropping off, chin straps fraying and chin spoilers coming off in my hand.
I just bought a Lorenzo Moon replica by X-lite, it is the 802R and seems much improved buildwise from the 801R but I will wirte a review and post it up once I have had a few more miles in it.
At the end of the day the Arai is a good piece of kit, if in doubt as Mr Nikano, he tested his at nearly 200 mph and walked away and we can't say farer than that.

andrew&7 | 18 April 2011, 20:38
I agree Fooligan, I hear a lot of people talk about bits dropping off their Arais whereas I really can't recall last time told similar stories about Shoeis. I'm a big X-Lite fan and so will be interested to hear your thoughts on the 802. PM me when you've written something and I'll tell you how to get it to me for formatting etc.

westie690 | 18 April 2011, 23:20
Thanks matey, yeah i really love the arai helmets, ive never had an issue with bits falling off or fraying, and use mine daily too, but hey ho. Will be interested to read about your review nearer the time!

matt x

mightlife | 21 April 2011, 21:32
Not sure about the smoked pinlock insert 'get out clause'. My pinlock insert has 'Track use only' stamped on it.

Same here as regards the side pods - had two sets break on me and recently required new base plates. Not going Arai next time.

martin | 01 December 2011, 17:28
i thought Westie preferred pink "helmets" ? :)
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