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Courier Vs Pizzaboy: Battle of The Commuters

By: Panagiotis | Published 19 August 2009, 00:19 | Views: 7,133 | tags: london, motorcycles, scooters, commuting, story, blog
This is two sides of the same coin. Me being the coin and the motorbike and the scooter being the two sides of my commuting to work.
I have the option to take either the motorbike (Honda Hornet 600cc) or the scooter (Honda PS 125cc) to work. So here is what happens when I choose the motorbike (The Courier's Story) or the scooter (Pizzaboy's Story) a la 'Sliding Doors'.

Courier wakes up at 6.20 and prepares his lunch, irons his shirt and puts on his leather jacket, protective jeans and bike boots. Lunch and gym kit goes into the biking backpack and he sets of to the gym.

Pizzaboy wakes up at 6.20 and prepares his lunch, irons his shirt and puts on his leather jacket, jeans and trainers. Lunch and gym kit goes into a backpack that goes in the topbox and he sets of to the gym.

Courier spends some time warming up the bike while he puts on the gloves while Pizzaboy jumps on the scoot and leaves. Eventually he also sets off and catches up with Pizzaboy at the end of the street as he is still waiting for an opening in the traffic.

They both set off and Courier quickly accelerates down the road leaving Pizzaboy behind. On the other hand Pizzaboy takes it easy knowing that they will meet up at the next set of lights.

Courier gets to the gym (5 mins down the road) quicker and while he takes time to chain and disklock the bike he hears the familiar sound of the scooter coming closer.
Pizzaboy arrives as he heads into the gym. Quick discklocking and getting the backpack out of the topbox and Pizzaboy is also ready for the morning workout.

1hr later and they are both ready to set off for the Odyssey that is Central London. Pizzaboy sets off first while the Courier spends time warming up the bike (again).

Having a backpack on just after a work out causes Courier to sweat and feel a bit uncomfortable. So he speeds up to cool down and in the process passes Pizzaboy.
At the next lights they stop next to another motorcyclist who nods at the courier but ignores the Pizzaboy. As the lights turn amber Courier having already selected 1st accelerates hard away.

Traffic starts to become thicker and causes the Courier to slow down. They both filter through traffic with ease, but Courier can use the extra power he has to take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Also being on a motorcycle has the added benefit that cars notice the Courier more and sometimes move to the side - something he thanks them for.

Pizzaboy needs to wait for larger gaps in the traffic but he can squeeze into places the Courier can't.

Someone shouts: 'Cool bike mate' later on some kids stare from the bus. The Courier nods both times, smiling broadly in his helmet.

Its still early in the morning and most people are not as awake as our two heroes (adrenaline from riding a motorcycle is better than coffee) so it is only a matter of time before a car does something silly or a pedestrian sleepwalks on to the road. As Pizzaboy is not going to fast he shouldn't need to brake as hard, but having weaker brakes means that it actually takes more braking effort. The Courier on the other hand has strong brakes that up to now have got him out of trouble.

Another traffic light another motorcyclist this time on a scooter. No nods for either this time though.

At the next traffic lights there are loads of cyclists. Pizzaboy cheekily goes into the Cyclebox while Courier is stuck behind a cab. But after these lights the traffic and the road opens p and slowly Courier starts to pull away.

They have now lost one another, and after a while Pizzaboy arrives at work. Couriers’ motorcycle is already parked up. He must have got there 5-10mins earlier. Last time it was less as Courier got slowed down by more red traffic lights. Parking the scooter (carefully so that he doesn’t get in the way of the leant over motorcycle) he makes his way to work.

At lunch Courier takes the bike for a quick ride around and return with a smile while Pizzaboy has worked through lunch.

After a day at work they are both looking forward to get home, but they need to stop off at the supermarket first. Courier has little room in his backpack - and anyway no one wants to put veg and fruit next to smelly gym kit! Thankfully he always keeps a cargo net under the seat. He picks up the bare necessary for tonight’s dinner.

Pizzaboy leaves his backpack and helmet with the scoot, no need to carry them around the aisle is there! While he is there he picks up a couple of extra things and some flowers. He can wear the backpack, while he places bags in the topbox, under seat storage (non food items only) and in front of his feet.

A ripple to the story of our two heroes is the appearance of Ms Pillion who secretly prefers to commute with Pizzaboy as there is more room on the scoot for her handbag. Also when they have reached their destination she can leave her helmet and her armored jacket behind. Also as she has her own license they can pass by Pizzaboy's work and she can continue on, Courier has to take her to work and ride back.

Courier puts a topbox on the back - even if he thinks that it spoils the look of the bike. Longer trips are obviously out of the question with the scooter.

At the end of they day both heroes have gone to work and back and managed to have more fun then the average commuter. More importantly both are deep down the same:

A London Biker

The end?
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courier vs pizzaboy


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Pavelsky | 19 August 2009, 04:05
When I had my bike in the service they (service) gave me a 125 scooter to ride home. I've never rode on the scooter before and believe me or not, now I have a huge respect to those who ride on scooter everyday. Maybe like they say, your point of view depends where your arse is, but riding on that scooter (which was fun, but scary a bit) gave me a lot of experience and now my perception towards scooter riders end up with more sympathy to them. At the end of the day we both share the same roads, and two wheels to ride on aren't we?

andrew&7 | 19 August 2009, 11:05
Nice one and a good sentiment :-)

NinjaJunkie | 19 August 2009, 11:45
Nice article - if I lived in inner London I would have a scoot as well as a bike and would only use the scoot for central London riding.

powerpuffgirl | 19 August 2009, 12:54
Good read! :) I dont think Id ever have a scooter as the only benefit to them I see is the licence circumvention. I live 32 miles from my workplace, so I commute on the motorbike, but when I used to live in London, I used to cycle to keep fit. Are cyclists not London Bikers too? :D

iank | 19 August 2009, 15:20
I am currently debating this very topic... what to get next?!?!?!
I live on the edge of central, being just outside clapham, so only have a 8miles commute....

I know a scooter would be more practical and prob cheaper in all aspects.. but had never entertained the idea of owing one!
Not in the position to have both just yet.... So what you think i should get? An old CBR600F etc... or a 1yr old PS125 etc?

Any opinions massively welcomed!

Curtis | 19 August 2009, 15:30
like ppg said iank get aq cycle

iank | 19 August 2009, 19:43
Ive got to be suited and booted at my desk by 6.45 in the morning, sod cycling 8miles, getting hot and sweaty, having to shower nr work etc....... not a viable solution. Would have to leave silly early, join a gym to shower nr work... not really saving time or money.

Scooter or keep riding a motorbike? Cycle not an option.

Stevie Ramone | 19 August 2009, 20:17
Some good observations there! It's very true that scooterists have a different place in the pecking order - above cyclists, below "traditional" motorcyclists - jostling for position with L Platers on 125s :)

Daws1989 | 09 October 2012, 14:36
Stick with the motorcycle.
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