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About Us: Who, what where and how?

What's it all about?

LB was born because of a lack of a cohesive biking community in the nation's capital city. Over the years the site has developed and the community has grown to over 16,000 members who help produce a vibrant and varied community with ride-outs, social meetings and naturally a lot of online discussions.

Although we started out offering a service for bikers local to London, it became very clear very early in the site's life that our appeal reached further than the capital's boundries; one of our longest registered members is from the United States! Our racing photography has become well thought of around the British and World Superbike paddocks while our work at the British Motocross Championships for a few years brought a great sport to our readers.

Looking forward LB now has a refreshed team to bring new ideas to the site and to the community. It should be a very interesting 2012.

The People

LB is now owned and run independently by Chicken Strip Media Ltd, a UK registered company set up specifically and solely to support LB. This company is owned by the site's Editor who is also the sole director.

Andrew Harbron

Andrew Harbron


Andrew joined the site some 6 months after it started and has always contributed; initially as a moderator and then on the editorial side with articles and notably his photography galleries of everything from ride-outs to MotoGP racing.

For the last 4 years Andrew has run the site along with Jay (Adair, site creator) and Patrick but since Jay departed Andrew now heads up the team running LB.

Andrew Harbron

Patrick McConnon

Patrick has been a member of the site for 5 years and has been a leading member of the community - so much so that for the last few years Patrick has been the Community Manager. Recently Patrick relocated to Cork in Ireland but that hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for the site nor his role in it.

His role has expanded with Jay's departure and Patrick now helps Andrew with the many tasks facing the new team.

The Editorial Team

The magazine aspect is created by a volunteer team of journalists, contributors, and photographers. The current team which make the brilliant news, articles and galleries service happen are:

  • Ian Biggs - Photographer
  • Ryan Smith - Photographer
  • Aaron Scott - Photographer
  • Panagiotis Foufoutis - Features Writer
  • Lewis Patterson - Product Tester
  • Alex Edwards - Contributor
  • Angie Thomas - Charity Manager

The Community Team

At the time of writing (Feb 2012) LB is about to under go the most dramatic change in how the forums are run in its history, but to-date they have been run by a team of moderators tasked with the unenviable job of keeping the playground free of undue aggro and unwanted characters. These knights against the powers of darkness have been:

  • Paul Johnston
  • Shane McDonald
  • Eugene Odeluga

The Tech Brains

With Jay leaving the site a new tech resource had to be found and again the community came up to its own rescue with a fine band of software experts who are on hand to develop and maintain LB into the future.

Currently those involved (although there are more on the rosta) have been:

  • Mark Coyle
  • Achim Regendoerp
  • Simon Kapadia
  • Julian Barker

Can I help?

We're constantly looking for new people to join our editorial team. If you have an interest in a particular subject and have some spare time, and wish to get involved then please email us at We're interested in speaking to writers as well as non-writers who just have some spare time on their hands to process news that comes in to us. There's so many subjects that need covering!

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